Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving Overseas

Mike Boettcher spends the holiday with soldiers in southern Afghanistan.
1:43 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving Overseas
On this Thanksgiving we want to remember our heroes away from home to tens of thousands of soldiers. Who are making about -- the holiday away from their families many of them directly in harm's way. ABC's Mike Boettcher is with US troops in southern Afghanistan. War breaks for no holidays. The Oklahoma National Guard in -- Afghan police partners show off the Taliban machine gun they captured Thanksgiving dinner is still hours away we found some. -- making materials. Some they -- homemade explosive. And a couple of mortar rounds of the good -- be -- Oklahoma's 45 brigade is faced a tough fight in east central Afghanistan. 14 of their number have been killed in action since they deployed in July. As national Guardsmen citizen soldiers. They were uprooted from their jobs and sent to the Afghan front specialist Max Robinson was delivering pizza when he was called up. Now its peers consider him a hero for ignoring enemy fire to save his fellow wounded soldiers. I want everyone to remember about the people that we've lost and the people that have been hurt. And again in my family think everyone after the support. This morning the US commander for eastern Afghanistan general Daniel Allen. Thought this would be the perfect day to give his own thanks to you join me in Iraq of the -- -- -- lineup all of well. These guys continue to go -- every day strap on the body they grab their rivals of getting these vehicles behind me. -- god every day and they could fight the enemy a short pause for -- then later some dinner then it's back to war. Mike Boettcher ABC news -- -- Afghanistan.

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{"id":15022890,"title":"Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving Overseas","duration":"1:43","description":"Mike Boettcher spends the holiday with soldiers in southern Afghanistan.","url":"/GMA/video/troops-celebrate-thanksgiving-overseas-15022890","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}