Tropical Storm Dumps Disastrous Flood on Japan

Nearly 100,000 people evacuated after 20 inches of rain caused rivers to overflow.
1:31 | 09/10/15

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Dumps Disastrous Flood on Japan
foundations, tropical downpours creating a wall of water. 100,000 are evacuated. Many more still trapped and ginger, rescuers can't keep up with the calls for help. It's an ongoing situation north of Tokyo, Japan. Dangerous landslide, water still rising thank to the remnants of a tropical storm. Serious concern about a nuclear power plant in the flood zone. Disaster in Japan this morning. North of Tokyo, more than 20 inches of rain falling in just 24 hours. Rivers overflowing, breaching levees leading to scenes like this. Helicopters in overdrive rescuing people from windows and roofs. Japanese meteorologists warning of this imminent and serious danger, evacuating nearly 100,000 homes. The culprit to the chaos, remnants of what was a tropical storm slicing across the island nation, winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour. Torrential downpours forcing major runoff raising concerns about the Fukushima power plant still damaged from the 2011 earthquake. Reports that these heavy rains may overwhelm the site's drainage pumps. And it's too early to put an exact figure on how many might be missing. Authorities in Japan are still frantically searching for those swept away and this is a vast area so updates throughout the

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Nearly 100,000 people evacuated after 20 inches of rain caused rivers to overflow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33652918","title":"Tropical Storm Dumps Disastrous Flood on Japan","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-dumps-disastrous-flood-japan-33652918"}