Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts, Could Become Hurricane

Isaac could reach hurricane strength by the time it reaches New Orleans.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts, Could Become Hurricane
Robin? Matt, thank you. And isaac's path shifting west. New orleans in its path. Forecasters are now saying tropical storm isaac could become a hurricane by the time it reaches new orleans. Ginger zee is there in the big easy. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Good morning, robin. This is one of many new structures post katrina. It's a series of gates and pumps. That wall over there separates the 17th street canal and lake pontchartrain. We just got a tour. They say new orleans is ready. The gulf is prepared for isaac. From pensacola to new orleans, emergency declarations, evacuations, and action. I've got gasoline for my lawn mower for my chain saw. I have water. Food at home. I think I'm set. Reporter: Tourists and those who live along the gulf coast being told the get out now or start preparing to leave later today. We considered staying an extra night. We decided to head out today. Reporter: Overnight, 50,000 already evacuated from their homes in southeast louisiana's lake charles parish. If you're called upon to leave, you should leave. Whatever happens happens. Reporter: And in the big easy, life is anything but. People now lining up to fill gas tanks. And sandbags. While the army believes levees will hold, new orleans' mayor is stressing that the superdome and other public buildings will not serve as shelters this time. Further south, plaquemines parish son high alert. We're seeing hundreds of phone calls, people stopping by the office here. What should they do? How bad is it going to be? Is it another katrina? I would recommend to our people, hope and pray for the best as we prepare for the worst. Reporter: Izic is also now postponing the seventh annual commemorative ceremony for katrina in saint befornard parish.

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{"id":17085150,"title":"Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts, Could Become Hurricane","duration":"3:00","description":"Isaac could reach hurricane strength by the time it reaches New Orleans.","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-isaacs-path-shifts-orleans-hurricane-17085150","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}