Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts West, Southern Florida Dodges Worst

The storm has gathered strength in open water and is now targeting New Orleans.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts West, Southern Florida Dodges Worst
Let's get to the latest on tropical storm isaac. Sam is heading the extreme weather team on the front lines from florida to new orleans. Sam is in naples, florida. Good morning, sam. Reporter: Good morning, robin. We're live here on vanderbilt beach in naples, florida. The waters have chopped up in the last couple of days. That storm is 180 miles away from us. We have tropical force winds going almost 200 miles from the sent thoefr very large, very disorganized storm. It was never organized. But capable of putting together tough weather. 60 to 65-mile-per-hour winds in miami-dade county. More than ten inches of rain in boynton beach. Here where the warnings are. Yes, as of last night, we started talk new orleans again. Mobile, pensacola. Don't focus on the center line of the storm. We believe lit stay disorganized for awhile. That may keep the number down. It may stay as a 1. This will be a slow-moving storm. Not just the coastal area will get pounded. The storm will go inland with amazingly heavy rain. Inside flood sag real deal. Now, one of the first people to get an up close look at the storm is our matt gutman. Good morning, matt. Hey, good morning to you, sam. Isaac is about 200 miles north of here. It's clearly not gone. We're still feeling the tropical storm force winds. Across the region, 20 million people will feel something of the storm today. Heavy wind and rain continue to lash. School closed for about 1 million kids in florida. Pow sir out in 80,000 homes. South florida avoiding a direct hit overnight. Much of the state getting drenched. Isaac is coiling itself around nearly the entire state. Dumping up to ten inches of rain on south florida. It's a little after 1:00. The rain is coming down sideways. Nearly 750 flights grounded. That wind bending palm trees and flooding streets. The center of the storm is about half hour away. The cars are struggling to get through. The rain is coming down much harder now. Still, hearty locals on their bikes header for so called hurricane parties. Why are you out here? BECAUSE WE'RE OUT OF DVDs AT Home. Reporter: Wins howling through miami and ft. Lauderdale. The wind is heard, I haven't heard it since andrew. Reporter: Andrew hit 20 years ago last week, a category 5. We have seen about three feet of storm surge. The wind and rain putting a lot of water on shore. Flooding in downtown key west. Official here say they'll be back to partying as early as tomorrow.

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{"id":17085126,"title":"Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts West, Southern Florida Dodges Worst","duration":"3:00","description":"The storm has gathered strength in open water and is now targeting New Orleans.","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-isaacs-path-shifts-west-southern-florida-17085126","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}