'True Blood' Star Heats Up 2nd Season of 'Necessary Roughness'

Mehcad Brooks discusses his new role on USA, and plays, "Kiss, Marry, Ditch" on "GAA."
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'True Blood' Star Heats Up 2nd Season of 'Necessary Roughness'
To "good afternoon america our next guest heated up the screens of "dancing with the stars" and "true blood." And now on the new tv show "necessary roughness" everybody welcome mechad brooks. all right. For the record, I just want to state, despite rumors I did no conscientiously object to your appearance here, mechad. Neither did i. Let's talk about the show. Congratulation, unnecessary roughness. Thank you. It's a great show. It's an inside look at football. I wanted to tell you about your character, you played a guy called t.K. I don't know if anybody has seen him. T.K. Is crazy. Like a lost wide receiver, he has a great personality and makes a lot of mone he just does what he wants. A lot of what he wants to do is illegal. Or, you know, immoral or bad, or -- that's a fun character. There's no wrong answer. That's a really fun character to play. It's interesting. Because it's so hard, I think. Television in the past to get professional sports right. And do you. Interestingly, though, you fill out the part. You could -- you look like you could play, but you actually were a basketball player. I was in high school. I got 26 basketball scholarships. I didn't want to pursue that. I wanted to act. I knew that at 15. I just didn't kind do that. And it eventually paid for college. Just got done paying that off. Was it a good investment? Let's take a look. Dahn nervous breaking into my place and taking my stuff. I feel so violated. What stuff? Okay. All right. I want to know, was it valuable stuff? Have you met me? Everything I own is valuable. I love him. I love your character. Do you -- do you watch games and glean insight for your character from real players? Yes. One of my best friends plays in the nfl. He helped me get ready for the role. He is training me. My dad played in the nfl. A lot of this character is bed on him. Yeah, you know, I wasn't a huge football fan. I've had to become one to sort of get into the character of it. So -- yeah, it's fun. I'm actually enjoying football, the old pig skin, if you will. I did not even notice this, I've just been told that you -- you are in good shape. I had no idea. Not like you. Not like you. Oh, wow. Wow. I had no idea that we had those photos. I had no idea. We better put those up again. So I'm -- you know, we always like to give people great take-away and tips. How does one get abs like that? A lot of boring hard work. Just, you know, a lot of situps. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, yeah. You in the blue, you know what I'm talking about. Yeah. That's true. So we want to play another game with you. Certainly. We'll leave the pig skin alone a little bit. Thank you for agreeing you're a very brave man. We'll play a little game we like to call "kiss, marry, ditch." As you can see here, three lucky ladies and you got to decide which one you marry and which one you ditch. Here we go, you have -- first up. You're going to recognize her from wisteria lane, right? Yeah. Not really, she is eva longoria. Talk us through it. Talk us through it. The second contestant of course, anna paquin, you would know her from "true blood." You're not a vampire if you haven't done the vampire teeth just one. And we'll have an ab-off. You or janet jackson. You can kiss one and who will that be. Do you want to start with the kiss? Sure. That's tough. Feel free to -- I would probably have to kiss eva. Come here, girl -- wow! Oh, wait, there's a fourth contestant. where is the bag? Oh! You know what, I deserve it. I deserve it. I would never -- I'm going to go. No, no, no, no. You're kissing eva. Who will you marry? Got to be janet. You guys make a gorgeous couple. That should do it. Mmm. See, we work out together. That's how, you know what I'm saying. The couple that works out together, stays together. Apparently the couple that's sentenced to eternal damnation, puts bags on each other's head. Listen, anna is a wonderful actress, a wonderful woman, so I'm going to go ahead and do this. Oh! I got a new hat. It's awesome. An awesome hat. We love you, mechad. Is "necessary roughness."

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{"id":17051389,"title":"'True Blood' Star Heats Up 2nd Season of 'Necessary Roughness'","duration":"3:00","description":"Mehcad Brooks discusses his new role on USA, and plays, \"Kiss, Marry, Ditch\" on \"GAA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/true-blood-star-heats-2nd-season-roughness-17051389","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}