Trump faces divide on NFL, Republican issues

Author and CNN political commentator Van Jones analyzes President Trump's response to criticisms from a top senator in his own party and the NFL national anthem controversy.
2:56 | 10/09/17

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Transcript for Trump faces divide on NFL, Republican issues
I want to bring in van Jones, CNN political commentator. You wrote a new book saying Progressives and conservatives need to come to the table to understand one another. I want to ask in light of the new book what we saw, the vice president leaving the game early, the pool reporter who travels with the vice president didn't even go into the stadium was told the vice president might be leaving a little early leading to so many saying it's a political stunt. What is going on? Has either side demonstrated they want to come to the table? It's crazy on top of crazy deep fried in some crazy. That's what's going on. At the end of the day you have now the president, the vice president pulling off a stunt to oppose a stunt protesting a protest. At some point you got to be done with the crazy. I am on a crusade against crazy. That's what the book is about. I've gone all over the country and been to red state, blue STA states, ap la-- appalachia and Michigan. Food fights in Washington, D.C. And nothing getting done. I'm trying to get people back together. Protests against protests. Yes. Instead of asking what's behind both sides. What's so crazy this started out as about police community relations. That's what it's supposed to be about. Now we're talking about free speech for athletes and talking about who is insulting soldiers. Nobody has insulted any soldiers so you could be dealing with substantive issue, instead symbolic protest and I think Americans are sick of it. The president tweeting his support of the vice president on this. I want to get to the war of words with senator Bob corker. This is not a Democrat versus Republican but Republican versus Republican. Reckless threats that could put us on a path to World War II. We haven't heard these from Democrats on the hill. That's what happen, though. When you start this division, it doesn't stop between the parties, it goes into the parties, we're headed -- listen, if we don't change directions we'll end up where we're headed and it's a very bad place. The reason I wrote this book is because I know for a fact there are issues that can bring us together. This issue we're going to be divided on. Why do they double down on it? Instead we should be looking at the stuff we could come together on. This addiction crisis is killing people across the country. In the book I talk about how that could bring us together. The criminal justice system. Most Americans don't want to be in a food fight every day. We can't even talk to our cousins anymore because of this division. We can come together, though. This has been some time we've all felt this way. Long before the election. I'm sick of the crazy and on a crusade against crazy. That's -- we need a movement against madness in the country. It's a cure for the crazy. Sick of the crazy is the quote and the book is "How we come apart". We have more in common than not so focus on those things we have in common. How about that. The Las Vegas shooting

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{"id":50364335,"title":"Trump faces divide on NFL, Republican issues","duration":"2:56","description":"Author and CNN political commentator Van Jones analyzes President Trump's response to criticisms from a top senator in his own party and the NFL national anthem controversy.","url":"/GMA/video/trump-faces-divide-nfl-republican-issues-50364335","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}