Trump hopes to bring order and discipline to the White House with more staff changes

Gen. John Kelly will leave his role heading Homeland Security to replace Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff.
8:34 | 07/29/17

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Transcript for Trump hopes to bring order and discipline to the White House with more staff changes
We are gonna began this morning with the White House shake up president Tribe's chief of staff Wright's previous resigns and is replaced by Homeland Security secretary John Kelly a four star general. It has been six months of chaos in the west wing not just previous before that. Press Secretary Sean Spicer gaunt communications director gaunt the deputy chief of staff gone national security advisor. Gone oh we're not gotten the FBI director James comedy also gotten all of this has happened. In just six months. And now the president is turning to a trusted. Former general to impose order in his. What happened the big question that can this change effectively every cent the administration. And what does winds previous saying about all of this ABC's David Wright begins our coverage at the White House for us this morning David good morning here. Good morning Paula and John the president is clearly hoping that this shake up is gonna bring some order and discipline. To a White House that has been riven by the by division and backbiting chaos that comes at a cost to the president's agenda. The scapegoat this week outgoing chief of staff Bryant's breeders who left the White House last night. Rivas told Fox News he wouldn't comment on those scathing attacks from communications director at the knees Carlucci. Not gonna get into that that that subject it's just it's getting in the mud and I think the palace intrigues stuff is annoying and and I think it's a distraction it takes away from the president's agenda. I think what everyone needs to do just focus on the president to focus on the things that he wants to get done for the American people. All he announced that she expected all week came abruptly in a presidential tweet late Friday. Rivas said he resigned Thursday I think actually going a different direction hitting a reset button is a good thing. And the president did that and so I think he's happy I had a tail though it's always a little mix when things like this happen. I generally feel pretty good right rape is a good man Revis his replacement starts Monday a retired four star general from the Marine Corps. School in his current role as secretary of Homeland Security. Was a steadfast supporter of the president's plan to strengthen America's. Borders the president as we all know is issued three executive orders related to our Homeland Security mission. These orders will secure our borders enhanced enforcement of our immigration laws and keep our citizens safe. General Kelley has been a star. Done an incredible job goes far respected by everybody. General John Kelly is well liked in the west wing with the proven record at command his new unit badly in need of some discipline. But Kelly has no prior political experience. Which could make it tough when it comes to issues like health care. The White House is still reeling over the Senate's failure to pass in obamacare repeal. A signature campaign promise. Defeated with a thumbs down. From Senator John McCain. Are crushing blow to the GOP leadership. Well the new chief of staff as we said starts Monday in the meantime the number two over at Homeland Security a lame duke. She'll take over as acting secretary but there's been some talk. Of the possibility of attorney general Jeff Sessions eventually heading over to Homeland Security. That would be news to the Department of Justice however and it would certainly raise some eyebrows here in Washington. That would definitely be and treating David before we let you go got to ask you about the president he out raise some eyebrows with this comment during a speech yesterday to law enforcement he was a reference seen. Cracking down on suspected gang members let's take a lesson. Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you protecting their head you know the way you put they handled. Like don't hit their head and they've just killed somebody donate. I said you can take the hand away I'll have. Jason David the president taking a lot of heat for that comment can you give us well context. When he was speaking to local law enforcement officers and he seemed to be suggesting that. A little police brutality is not necessarily a bad thing joking that at least. And there was immediate push back from the Suffolk county police department for one. They are among the groups that he was addressing and they tweeted out immediately that as a department we do not tolerate the roughing up of prisoners Paula John. Yet regardless of whether or not there thanks to Chris Larry David right thanks for your reporting from the White House and speaking of the White House John. Recent talking here via satellite DC I want to pick your brain you've been. Eight covering Washington for the better part of two decades writes really was never. A great fit for this administration bent over ninety can high road saying this is a reset a much needed reset for the administration dating bringing in a four star general. Is actually going to restore order and keep this administration back on the right path will. All look the problem in need trump White House is the there is a chief of staff his name is Donald Trump Donald Trump axis is own chief of staff he acts as his own communications director. Nobody usually reported to Wright's previous the senior staff in the White House had direct line to the president asked that we like to my question is. What kind of authority is general Kelley. That's it well he certainly has the respect to the press absolutely that is staffed by Harry. Sphere analysis done in our overlaps the ground yes I'm how we bring it ABC news political analyst Cokie Roberts from the nation's capital good morning to you Cokie. Good morning pollen John I'm missing yeah. Don't go back anytime soon I don't want to be away from the chaos sort of came to me can I crash. I was always a place to get we didn't get a hands all six months of chaos in Washington he can he can definitely handle weekend GMA so. I'm cooking just ask jot about this but wait I wanna get your take time with Revis being replaced by Kelly do you anticipate that there will be less chaos in the administration. No I agree completely with John the problem is not the chief of state have. The problem is the president. And nobody can stop him from tweeting whatever he wants to treated I'll hours in the day and night and whether that. Contradicts some policy that the White House is trying to put out. Is the president doesn't seem to care that. But in addition to that. We have not had good experiences. With generals keeps its. Last summer is general Alexander paid. And that was pretty chaotic and that by the time Jerry Ford became president and he hated him as chief stamp. It didn't work at all because president ward did not want that kind of chaos in the White House. And it listed just about a month. Well Cokie Republican leaders practically begged president trump to name previous at the beginning of this administration saying he needed a Washington hand somebody with. You know contacts with the with congress. Some it was a Republican it's yeah part of might agenda is got. You know good then how Republicans in the White House maybe get Don McCann then lawyer but they really aren't. You know lashing at this time it was the Republican Convention saying this is not a Republican Convention this is a trump convention now we have a trump White House. It is going to be heavily in New York heavily. Is in administration he loves what he calls my generals. But it is not Republicans these are not people. Who have been in the party have been working in the vineyards for years have helped elect the people who were in congress all of those things and so. Does that make the relationships with congress any better I don't think so is speaking to the relation. Just with congress and we're talking about this earlier off camera seems to be several factions the Republicans the Democrats and then you got the trop administration. A defendant in matters Peter who exactly I'm an Indian do you anticipate that making the president's agenda top to actually go forward. It's already tough and none of the health scares us the most obvious. Of the agenda items. Now general Kelley has been very supportive of the wall. Which is something that president trump really. Got out there and ran on last year. But the big on the house are ready to some put in a little money to build a wall. That's gonna run up against who also is unique in the senate and that's what gonna keep happening you know those percent of it is very evenly divided. And they and they have members of the senate did not run on the same issues that the president ran on. Right Cokie it's always great having you on Saturday and Sunday morning but take you whenever we can get Shari country always nice to be thanks Kathy.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"Gen. John Kelly will leave his role heading Homeland Security to replace Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48923353","title":"Trump hopes to bring order and discipline to the White House with more staff changes","url":"/GMA/video/trump-hopes-bring-order-discipline-white-house-staff-48923353"}