Trump meets with Philippine President Duterte

President Trump and President Duterte discussed human rights "briefly," during their meeting at the ASEAN Summit, according to the White House.
2:07 | 11/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump meets with Philippine President Duterte
Good latest on this now from president trump on the final leg of his trip through the Asia in the Philippines. Our chief White House correspondent Jon Karl's been with trump every stop on the way and Jon away doesn't know holding pattern of the whole war in worship any sense. If the president will ever weigh in definitively. Well we're told he won't weigh in while he's over here on Asia but he is about to head back home. The expectation among his senior aides is that he won't get involved in a big way on this he's already said it if the allegations are proven true that more should step down. Don't expect much major out of him beyond back to although nobody really knows for sure and George there is a scenario that. For those close to the president talked about that if more goes through this if he wins. The senate with a two thirds vote. Could decide not to seat him that would mean another vacancy in Alabama. An opportunity for the governor to name a replacement perhaps even the current attorney general the former Alabama senator. Jeff session gain a not to seem to more expel him if indeed he is seen in meantime. President facing a real backlash over those comments where he seemed to suggest that he believed Vladimir Putin's denial of metal in. In our elections you've got to former intelligence officials yesterday saying the trump is being played by food. Yes and the terms of our response to gotta think he or do you verdict even before they came out to articulate that. The president actually calling up all the heads the former heads of the CIA and the united two top. Intelligence officials in the country political acts. I think that that's the that's the response from here on yeah John the president's wrapping up this trip right now we seem to have a pattern or around the trip the president really. Cozying up to be strong and overseas will his presidency in China we see that handshake where the icing on meeting present to detect a in the Philippines and of course Putin. On a very warm. Conversations. Receptions from from all of these. Not just the strong and also the democratic leaders in South Korea in Japan. Really striking though we do Teradata White House said that human rights would be brought off we are told it was only brought up ever so briefly this conversation okay Jon Karl thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"President Trump and President Duterte discussed human rights \"briefly,\" during their meeting at the ASEAN Summit, according to the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51109155","title":"Trump meets with Philippine President Duterte","url":"/GMA/video/trump-meets-philippine-president-duterte-51109155"}