What Trump's Cabinet Selections Say About His Administration

ABC News' Cokie Roberts breaks down how the president-elect's choices will affect his administration.
2:29 | 11/24/16

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Transcript for What Trump's Cabinet Selections Say About His Administration
Let's bring in cokie Roberts in mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, home, of course -- the state home of course to Nikki Haley. Good morning to you, cokie. Good morning. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well. We know Nikki Haley was a very vocal opponent to Donald Trump during the election. Yes. To say the least but -- so what do you make of her nomination for U.N. Ambassador? I think it's very interesting that he is able to go beyond his strict loyalists, because that seemed to be the thing that mattered most to him during the campaign was that somebody was loyal to him and she certainly wasn't but she is an interesting pick. She really came to prominence after the horrendous church shootings in Charleston where she tried to bring the state together. She insisted on bringing down the confederate flag and just ended that controversy for good and then after hurricane Matthew hit, she was also a very strong presence in the state. And trump thinks she can make a deal and he thinks that's a good deal for the U.N. Ambassador, of course, her foreign policy experience is pretty nil, but I think that that job is one of speaking for the president and she can probably speak to the president, as well. So U.N. Ambassador, education secretary, as well. Trump nominating the first two women to his administration. Does that do anything to ease concerns many have about trump's attitude towards women? Probably not. But it would have been a lot worse if it were all white men which is what it was looking like at the beginning. So it does help at least in that regard but, look, the proof is absolutely going to be in the proverbial pudding here. If he starts doing things that make women nervous about their rights, then that will be the issue, not a couple of women showing up in the cabinet. But it's a lot better than just going with straight, you know, old white men which is where we were. And quickly we know he may also be adding Ben Carson to that list, as well. What will you be looking for in the next days and weeks to come? More of the same. I mean, more of his ability to find people who did not support him, who are represent America in a much broader sense and the place I'm really most cure bus is secretary of state. All right, yes, a lot of people wondering where he'll go with that. Cokie Roberts, thanks very much. Okay, Amy. That is one of the big remaining one, thanks to cokie.

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{"id":43757176,"title":"What Trump's Cabinet Selections Say About His Administration","duration":"2:29","description":"ABC News' Cokie Roberts breaks down how the president-elect's choices will affect his administration.","url":"/GMA/video/trumps-cabinet-selections-administration-43757176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}