Learn the Truth Behind the Term 'Superfood'

Nutritionist Lisa Drayer shares her tips to eating healthy.
4:00 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Learn the Truth Behind the Term 'Superfood'
Also on the heat index, super foods. The hottest trend in nutrition. But there's a question about whether they really exist or just a marketing gimmick. Debra Roberts is here with more. Good morning. Hello, Lara. It may sound like a ploy to get you to buy for groceries. But there are foods that can give you super nutrition. The CDC came out with a new list, and some of them might surprise you. Broccoli, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, oh my. Just a few of the so-called super foods, which may not save the world, but may rescue your health. Are there really super foods? There's no formal definition for super foods, but it's going to offer super nutrition and health benefits, reducing disease, improving your mood and helping with weight loss too. Reporter: The food has to pack enough punch to offer 10% of your daily value. That's 17 different nutrients. Topping the list, row main lettuce, Brussel sprouts and water cress. I was surprised that watercress ranked the highest, invite KRIN C, foe late, fiber. Reporter: Who knew? But fruits and veggies aren't the only ones. Salmon, om, ega threes. Yes, heart benefits. Reporter: How to slip into your diet? The rainbow effect. Look at the rainbow as a variety of colors, you're pretty much covering your bases. Reporter: And don't be fooled by super food marketing gimmicks. It came out of nowhere, it's a marketing term, not a medical term. Because super food is meaningless, anyone in the United States can market as a super food. Reporter: You have to do your own research. You have to know which foods contain high levels of certain nigh trents. Now, in this case, fruits and veggies. But others have super quality ls. Cinnamon, dark chocolate, we have heard of those. I want you to play the super food showdown. What are the benefits of snicker doolgtds cookies? I don't think they have a benefit. All are great foods, but there's one more super than the other. Blueberries, strawberries, Oranges. Which one? Blueberries. Wrong, strawberries. And blueberries are great. Don't get me wrong. They have great benefits, but they were difficult to break down and quantify. Strawberries, vitamin C -- Marketing campaign -- They are great. Brain -- It is, great brain. But they have a high dose of vitamin C. Strawberries everyone beat Oranges. How about the next one, kale, tomatoes and turnips. Now I think it's a trick. I would have gone kale, but probably tomatoes. It's kale. Fake. Go with your intuition. Kale is way up there. Packs a lot. Tomatoes and turnips are great. But kale packs a great punch. And down here, you have heard of quinoa, parsley -- They are all different. You're right. This is not fair, a tricky one. I'll take parsley. And you got it. And you think of it as a garnish, but it's at the top. And start sprinkling that on the salad. George, you will be the winner of the broccoli award. Enjoy that. All of these great foods.

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{"id":24831258,"title":"Learn the Truth Behind the Term 'Superfood'","duration":"4:00","description":"Nutritionist Lisa Drayer shares her tips to eating healthy.","url":"/GMA/video/truth-term-superfood-24831258","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}