TSA Agent Found With ABC IPad

TSA says 381 of its officers have been let go for alleged thefts.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for TSA Agent Found With ABC IPad
This morning, we have the eye-opening results of a brian ross investigation into how secure some airport security checkpoints really are when it comes to your property. Anytime you go through security, you take it on faith your stuff will be there on the other side. That's not what always happens. Brian ross here with us to explain. Reporter: Good morning, amy. New figures show 381 tsa officers have been fired for stealing from passengers and their luggage. And members of congress think that might be the tip of the And for passengers that are victims of tsa theft, many find they are on their own when something goes missing. So, we wanted to see for ourselves. We went to ten major airports. All with a history of tsa theft problems. We checked bags with ipads valued at $600 and cash. And left behind ipads at tsa checkpoints. All of the luggage made it past tsa safely. Got the $500 and the ipad. Reporter: Nine out of ten cases, at carry-on checkpoints, tsa screening officers did exactly what they're trained to do. Please come back to the podium to claim your item. Reporter: It was a different story in orlando. Where our ipad was last seen in the hand of tsa officer andy rivera. We filed this missing property report. But were told nothing had been found. And we were essentially just out of luck. But we had been able to track our ipad the night it disappeared. 30 miles away from the airport, to the home of tsa officer. Two eks later, we showed up at ramirez's house. We're looking for a missing ipad. Missing ipad? Reporter: And the tracking device shows it's located here at this address. Okay. Reporter: Is it here? No, sir. Reporter: And againnd again, ramirez denied knowing anything about the missing ipad. Did you take it? Sir. Reporter: You did not take it? No, sir. Reporter: But after setting off an audible alarm on the missing ipad and asking him to search his house again, ramirez produced it. You found it. There it is. With his tsa uniform shirt now off, ram claimed it was his wife who had taken it, not him. I want you to explain how this ipad left a tsa screening station and ended up at your house. My wife -- I'm so embarrassed. My wife got the ipad and took it Reporter: That can't be true. The last time we saw it, it was in your hands. It wasn't in your wife's hands. We saw it in your hands. Late yesterday, tsa told us mr. Ramirez is no longer employed by the agency which says it has a zero tolerance policy. Find my ipad app and that alarm. Those were key. Great report, brian. If you want to see more, we'll have more from brian on "world news" and on "nightline." That was incredible.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"TSA says 381 of its officers have been let go for alleged thefts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17336428","title":"TSA Agent Found With ABC IPad","url":"/GMA/video/tsa-agent-found-abc-ipad-brian-ross-blotter-17336428"}