Is TSA Ready for a Record Number of Thanksgiving Travelers?

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
3:57 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for Is TSA Ready for a Record Number of Thanksgiving Travelers?
It's time for the big board. More on today's top stories starting with this Thanksgiving travel. Airlines expect above average number of travelers and David Kerley is at Reagan national with more on how the TSA is getting ready for the crush. You spoke to the head of the TSA. I did, yesterday, George, he says he's ready but remember those long, long lines we had in the spring? Two and three-hour waits. A lot changed since then acco according to the TSA administrator and hired an additional 1,400 officers and convert another 2,000 to full time. So he says he's now at the staffing where he says he can handle the lines. But as you mentioned a little bit earlier, they're expecting a record 22 million folks to dom clue checkpoints like this between now and the Monday after Thanksgiving. Well, that's a lot of people. David, they were able to get through the summer with help and money from congress. But after this year, what happens? Reporter: Yeah, that's really where they were able to do some hiring and the airlines had been ponying up with a lot of money too so it's a lot of fingers in the dike to keep everything running like it is now without long lines so the big question is what does happen? The airlines say they'll stop spending the money next year. Congress, what will they do? The administrator told me they're talking about it but next year comes pretty quickly. You got news out of o'hare, second busiest airport in the country and workers there voted to strike. What kind of impact did that have? Yeah, this is needless to say leverage for the union right before one of the busiest travel days so these are airline workers who clean the cabins and do other things at the airport threatening to strike over the holiday weekend. The airlines say if that happens, they'll just bring in additional people. They don't expect a major impact on Chicago but if things get slowed down here it can affect the entire system. Thank you. Now to big news from McDonald's. They announced they're expanding table service to all of its U.S. Restaurants so standing in line for your Big Mac at the golden arches could soon be a thing of the past and Nick watt is at a McDonald's in California right now and, good morning, Nick. Nick, why the big change for McDonald's? Reporter: Michael, burger joints are going fancy pants. You got guacamole all over the menu, artisanal buns and order on your smartphone app and McDonald's, the big daddy, granddaddy doesn't want to get left behind so made these changes in 500 restaurants so far. You no longer have to stand in line to pay and wait for your food. Right now we got it in southern California, New York, Florida, coming soon to I believe San Francisco, Chicago, D.C. And if it works, if we like it to all 14,000 McDonald's across the country. How will it work? You don't order from your table, do you? Reporter: No, you order from this. A $60,000 kiosk, egg McMuffin, thank you very much. Make it a meal, pay here and take this bluetooth kind of zapper thing with you to your table so they know where you're sitting and then your food is delivered to you. They've been doing it already in Australia and Europe and apparently customer satisfaction is up and also, ah -- That's the quickest delivery ever. Thank you very much. I'm good. Thank you very much. You see, this is part of the service. They'll bring you ketchup, apparently in Europe and Australia they're loving it. Also people are spending more money because when you can customize your own sandwich you get a bit carried away. What's the tipping policy? I believe we ordered food for you as well. Maybe even for David Kerley. Really. David too? Well, yeah. All right. You know what, thank you both. You guys enjoy your breakfast. Thanks to everybody and McDonald's for taking care of breakfast. George and I are going to love

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43631488","title":"Is TSA Ready for a Record Number of Thanksgiving Travelers?","url":"/GMA/video/tsa-ready-record-number-thanksgiving-travelers-43631488"}