TSA's Embarrassing Week: Two Loaded Guns Go Undetected

Mark Greenblatt has the latest on the security at America's airports.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TSA's Embarrassing Week: Two Loaded Guns Go Undetected
George and diane hosting the debate wednesday night. An embarrassing week for airport screeners. Now, more ominously two incidents of loaded guns making it through the x-ray machines undetected. Good morning to you, dan. Frequent trave complain about evasive skreerng procedures. Many travelers on edge and worried about their safety. A long line of high-profiled security blunders of tsa came to a head on friday, when a lo loaded.38 caliber gun went undetected by screeners. He mistakenly took it with him on a flight from new orleans to newark. In just one day earlier in orlando, officers missed another loaded gun, this time in a firefighter's purse, it made it passed security and on the way to her plane. Those lapses came to light. Some in congress worry now about what else is slipping through. Unfortunately the reports that I get, it's not just this one weapon, it's hundreds of items every day. It can't be tolerated. Reporter: In dallas, the tsa couldn't keep up with this 65-year-old grandma who carried a gun right past them in january. Makes me erned about what's really going on. Reporter: Even a live animal got through in columbus. Bound for disney world. The tsa has had many successes. Confiscating 1100 weapons so far. But when itomes to all of the mistakes, some experts think that the tsa's own screeners may need better screening themselves. It goes back to type of hiring they did. The educational requirements they put in place that weren't high enough in my view. Reporter: This morning that screener that let that firefight on to a plane in orlando with a loaded gun has been removed from screening altogether. They take any incident like this, quote, very seriously. A lot of pressure on the tsa.

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{"id":17359212,"title":"TSA's Embarrassing Week: Two Loaded Guns Go Undetected","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Greenblatt has the latest on the security at America's airports.","url":"/GMA/video/tsas-embarrassing-week-loaded-guns-undetected-17359212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}