Tsunami Warning: 7.7 Earthquake Causes Tsunami in Hawaii

Swells on the Hawaiian coast reach 2.5 feet following earthquake in British Columbia.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tsunami Warning: 7.7 Earthquake Causes Tsunami in Hawaii
Meanwhile, 5,000 miles to the west, another breaking story we're watching very closely right now. A massive earthquake off the west coast, triggering a tsunami for hawaii. Our affiliate in hawaii reports. Reporter: Very serious situation in hawaii. Earlier this morning, the civil servicish shug an evacuation. They are seeing some of those tsunami waves come in. Still fairly serious situation out here with what may happen in the bays. Still going to be a long night tonight. St a couple of more hours before they consider lowering that advisory. We'll send it back to youm. Thank you, lara. Back out to sam, walk me through the science here, how long could they be on alert in hawaii? Dan, first of all, as soon as that earthquake happened, knowing that it's 7.7, they did all of the right things. They put the warnings out, thinking that may this would be a bad run of waves. Evacuating those lower levels of hawaii were a very good idea. So, you e initially think that first wave would run away from that, remember, this is a subsiding zone, one plate is underneath another plate. A little wave or two and one or two, three, in this case four waves went out and went toward hawaii and down the coast of california as well. Now, normally, you would look for the bigger waves and the bigger tsunami problems, at an 58 or 9, they did the absolute right thing by getting those sirens out. These waves have been traveling, like two to four feet in many locations, you can't give everyone the all-clear until the entire system said that the water has traveled. Until the buoys have said it's all calm you can't give the all clear. There may be more aftershocks and more waves. Dan? Thank you, sam.

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{"id":17581780,"title":"Tsunami Warning: 7.7 Earthquake Causes Tsunami in Hawaii","duration":"3:00","description":"Swells on the Hawaiian coast reach 2.5 feet following earthquake in British Columbia.","url":"/GMA/video/tsunami-warning-77-earthquake-tsunami-hawaii-17581780","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}