Tsunami Warning For Hawaii After Quake Hits British Columbia

Residents in low lying areas were evacuated.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Tsunami Warning For Hawaii After Quake Hits British Columbia
Hey, good morning. We're watching this developing storm with the hawaii tsunami warning. We'll start here, of course, with the superstorm, which one meteorologist has called part hurricane and part nor'ea. All trouble. Look at sandy from space. It's expected to have tropical-force winds that extend out 500 miles from center. States of emergency have been declared up and down the east coast. A third of the country is expecting some combination of high wind, rain and snow. Take a look at this stastic. 261,000 homes, more than $80 billion in real estate could see storm surge damage if sandy hits shore. The big question this morning -- is when and where this megastorm hit land? Sam champion has tracking the spot. From battery park in lower manhattan. Good morning to you, sam. Good morning. We're right here with new york harbor behind us. We'll be able to see how wide this band of water is. Any water that's at this shoreline will have to hop up over lower manhattan. A good flooding situation orfor this area. The hurricane center has the latest satellite picture. When you see the clouds are stretching from that south carolina area to georgia, all of the way up to maine and beyond into canada, this is a very large system. As a matter of fact, one of the largest storms that we have seen in the atlantic basin. Take a look at the path here. Hurricane center says it's still expected to get up and make a left-hand turn. We may expect to see movement turn toward the coastline as late as sunday night and then make the turn, the more direct turn on monday. Tuesday, finding a home somewhere on the jersey shore, into new york city. If you follow the path. But look at that mile of wind path there. That's about a 1,000 miles of tropical-force to winds. On the jersey shore, in the new york harbor, long island sound, it won't make a difference in the rainfall, the rainfall is going to be constant, steady, heavy for about two days and even well inland. Take a look at how it goes into pittsburgh, boston. Just know we're looking at that red zone, pittsburgh, red zone. Right now, this storm isn't too far off the shoreline and pounding some parts of our coast. The outer banks and our matt gutman is there. Good morning, sam. It looks very, very messy. This wind has been howling rough here all night. Look at this shoreline. Just about 24 hours ago, about 150 yards that way, it has been steady encroaching, relentlessly moving in, this is the dreaded storm surge that everyone is so concerned about. Also, this is a different type of storm than in the past. A hurricane is generally tropical but this is cold. It's biting. It gets right down to the bone. You may see all of this white stuff flying in the air, that is not snow, this is seafoam picked up by these waters out there just off the coast. All of this surging in here, i don't know if you can see it, but the waves have been breaking nearly a mile out and they're coming in with such force bang ing off of this pier. People didn't expect this type of weather this long to last and to be this powerful. Dan? Matt gutman, stay safe and stay warm. Pretty soon, the action is going to be in the northeast.

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{"id":17581651,"title":"Tsunami Warning For Hawaii After Quake Hits British Columbia ","duration":"3:00","description":"Residents in low lying areas were evacuated.","url":"/GMA/video/tsunami-warning-hawaii-quake-hits-british-columbia-17581651","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}