Turkey Earthquake: 2-Week-Old Baby Girl Saved

Alex Marquardt reveals what steps Turkey is taking to clean up following quake.
1:30 | 10/25/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Turkey Earthquake: 2-Week-Old Baby Girl Saved
Eastern Turkey two days after that massive earthquake struck a miracle in the rubble a -- week old baby pulled alive. From a collapsed building. But as rescuers tried valiantly to -- to really hundreds of pancaked buildings for survivors today the death toll has sky -- 2366. ABC's -- smart port is in the city of urged us this morning Alex. Good morning just -- just was that's how the hardest hit by that earthquake on Sunday some. Eighty buildings collapsed including this one behind me which was mostly an apartment building rescuers think they're still twenty people. Buried beneath that rubble but just an hour ago we saw rescuers pull out that two week old baby -- after being buried for 47. Hours. Babies are remarkably resilient they've got extra body fat. And some say that they can last for weeks without food. Now the search is underway for -- for his mother and other family members rescuers are asking for complete silence. Every ten minutes so that they can listen for voices below. And unfortunately rescue stories like the one that we just saw. Are few and far between most -- -- being pulled out of the rubble are being pulled out dead and officials say this search and rescue operations may and as soon as today. As you can see the rain has started which will make things worse people are walking around here crying and looking stunned. If you asked them if they think people will still be found alive -- they can sum -- god willing.

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{"id":14808051,"title":"Turkey Earthquake: 2-Week-Old Baby Girl Saved","duration":"1:30","description":"Alex Marquardt reveals what steps Turkey is taking to clean up following quake.","url":"/GMA/video/turkey-earthquake-week-baby-girl-saved-14808051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}