Cruise Ship: Hope Fading for More Survivors

Rescuers are losing hope they will find more survivors from capsized ship.
2:18 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Cruise Ship: Hope Fading for More Survivors
One week after the cruise ship disaster that left 32 people feared dead has more concerns this morning. The head of the company that owns the record luxury liner says the captain -- led them as well as the crew. About exactly what was wrong. And now hope is fading of finding anymore survivors ABC's -- -- has the latest from Jason Hill island good morning -- Good morning -- -- -- just moments ago at a press conference the commissioner in charge of the emergency operations here's that. Said that they will still keep looking for those 21 people missing. And this morning rescuers were back on board searching above have -- though the -- This morning rescuers were back in the water. This time using controlled explosions to open up new routes to explore inside the ship. 21 people are still missing though this is essentially a recovery mission some family members of the missing still haven't lost hope. So that -- from the house. That's a place where -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everyone needs down there. And there are new. He claimed he tricked into the lifeboat -- never meant to abandon the sinking vessel. CEO of the cruise line says that's Cuttino did not tell them exactly what was going on in those fateful minutes after the crash. So they did not send the proper response. And the ships priest is now speaking out telling a French magazine that he encountered the captain on land. And he quote embrace me for about a quarter of an hour and cried like a baby. There is the tragic human told but there are also new fears of an ecological -- -- -- That older fuel on board may -- into the sea. Today boats spread rooms around the ship to contain any possible spill. When a disc has been recovered which could provide vital clues as to what happened not faithful might. As well as who was with the captain on the bridge. -- -- captain admits he made a wrong maneuver but insists he did everything he could after the ship crashed into the walk.

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{"id":15409838,"title":"Cruise Ship: Hope Fading for More Survivors","duration":"2:18","description":"Rescuers are losing hope they will find more survivors from capsized ship. ","url":"/GMA/video/tuscan-cruise-ship-hope-fading-survivors-15409838","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}