TV Prank Gone Wrong: Magician's Head Set on Fire

U.S. magician Wayne Houchin was hospitalized after a prank by a Dominican TV host.
2:20 | 12/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TV Prank Gone Wrong: Magician's Head Set on Fire
And now to that shocking story played out on television in front of millions of viewers. It's a little tough to see this video. A television host setting a magician's head on fire. The magician is all right. He is now in the hospital recovering, and lashing out at that show's host who may soon be arrested. Abc's linsey davis has the story. Reporter: In this death defying scene, flames shoot from the head of wayne houchin, a moment he says is no magic trick. Millions of tv viewers watch as this unscripted prank by a tv host back fired in a horrific way. His face is burnt. Reporter: Now, that host is expected to face charges, a warrant issued for his arrest. It all started saturday when houchin was a guest on the popular show in the dominican republic "approach the stars." He said the host unexpectedly poured a flaming cologne on his head. On facebook, houchin wrote, this was not a stunt or part of an kt. This was a criminal attack. He was rushed to the hospital with burns on his face and hands. He's since tweeted resting, healing, working through the process in the d.R. The outrage here and support has been credible. David copperfield is among those supports. You never know what to expect. You try to present yourself as a performer, and occasionally somebody might understand that. Reporter: Houchin was performing on the show with a group of magicians, after the performance, houchin said the host wanted to give him a blessing. He said without warning, the host doused him with the popular could loan in the caribbean used by witch doctors. Houchin has gained international success as a magician. Only it's not his magic, but this moment of him cheating death, now has the world talking. An arrest warrant has been issued for the host of the tv show. But at last check, he has not yet been taken into custody. Houchin's doctors say they're cautiously optimistic of no scars on the face. But you can imagine? Actually, he's just stunned. He had no idea the host was going to do that? No idea. Wow, unbelievable.

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{"id":17866217,"title":"TV Prank Gone Wrong: Magician's Head Set on Fire","duration":"2:20","description":"U.S. magician Wayne Houchin was hospitalized after a prank by a Dominican TV host.","url":"/GMA/video/tv-prank-wrong-magicians-head-set-fire-caught-17866217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}