New Documentary Brings Backup Singers to Center Stage

"Twenty Feet From Stardom" revisits the lives of unsung performers supporting big stars.
4:32 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for New Documentary Brings Backup Singers to Center Stage
I'm thrilled and honored to be in the presence of stardom here, "20 feet of stardom" a documentary, getting rave reviews, people who sing their hearts out just feet way from the biggest stars in the music business. They have been backup singers for rolling stones and elvis, just about everybody. Look at the film that brings them to center stage. They helped shape legendary songs into timeless classics. Their names may not be familiar but you know their voices. Singing background remains a somewhat unheraldled position. Reporter: A new documentary moves them into a spotlight of their own, finally moving background singers to center stage. The power of these women to stand on stage with these guys. Reporter: Telling untold stories of the voices who helped build legends like bruce springsteen, mick jagger, stevie wonder and joe cocker. There she bloody is. I want you to work on all of my records. Reporter: Sometimes the journey cost them their own hopes and dreams. I started cleaning houses. I can't do that. You're fine. Reporter: But difficult journey also had its own rewards. Working with michael really did inspire me. And saying like wow, it's okay to dream this big. Go see this, go see this. We are in love with you so much. Amy had to come over to say hi as well. I have to ask, I would love to ask both of you, when you saw it, when you first sought movie, what did you think? I loved it and I got sentimental about it because talking about and seeing it on film, it took a new meaning. I loved it. I thought it was incredible. Everyone thought before me -- of my seats. You were inducted into the hall of fame, backup singers oftentimes the unsung heroes of the stars. Absolutely. What are some miss cconceptions people have? Number one, people think it's easy. It's harder than singing lead. Most background singers can sing lead. Most leads can't sing background. You have no eeg go because you're backing, it's always great. Most people can't blend. If you're a lead singer, honey, not so loud. To be recognized in this i was -- it's a star system in music that real is unfair, because it doesn't rate people by ability, but by star power but that may be life. Do you see that this movie may change the music business in the future? Or do you think it will be the same? We're hoping so. Hoping so. You're never sure about this business. Never sure. We worked so long. Darlene mentored mean as a 14-year-old and she start med singing background at capitol records when I was 14. That's how I got started, was singing background at capitol at 14. Getting out of my six the perth period classes singing background at capitol. I love singing. We had such power as background singers. You were part of something. The stars would come in and say what do you hear? Do you hear -- ooh? Ah? It was wonderful. Whenever they asked what do you think you should do sneer. We had it for them. Whatever -- they said -- what do you by my this? Let us try this. And see if you like this. And they would -- you were steering the ship. You see that these people really trusted you so much with their sound and that you made them superstars just by going in and being the amazing talent with loads of personality and fun that you naturally have. No agenda. Just going in there, just singing. I'm telling you "20 feet of stardom" opening in in new york and l.A., The most worth while moment I spend watching this film in the week. It goes nationwide to follow. Just in love with you.

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{"id":19391029,"title":"New Documentary Brings Backup Singers to Center Stage","duration":"4:32","description":"\"Twenty Feet From Stardom\" revisits the lives of unsung performers supporting big stars.","url":"/GMA/video/twenty-feet-stardom-interview-documentary-brings-backup-singers-19391029","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}