Twin Terror Raids Capture Top Al Qaeda Leader

Anas Al Libi has been wanted by the US for 15 years, and was captured during a raid in Libya.
2:22 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twin Terror Raids Capture Top Al Qaeda Leader
The latest on the twin terror raids in africa. One by s.E.A.L. Team six in somalia. The other in libya to get a cop al qaeda leader wanted since 1998 in attacks on american embassies. The libyan raid, a clean capture. The somalia operation ran into trouble. Reporter: Indeed, george. We know the name of the al shabaab leader. His name is ekrema, a kenyan of somali descent. This morning, anas al libi is being held aboard a ship in the mediterranean. The raids, some 3,000 miles apart, car out within hours of each other. High-risk, boots on the ground missions. A stargt in somalia, a senior al shabaab leader. The u.S. Forces leading the raid. The famed s.E.A.L. Team six. Emerging from the indian ocean before dawn on saturday to a seaside al shabaab compound south of mogadishu. The size of the resistance far GREATER THAN THE S.E.A.L.s Expected. They were forced to withdraw without proof their target had been killed. An on the ground commander can exercise judgment about the best course of action. Reporter: In libya, a different story. The man the u.S. Has been seeking for 15 years captured. Al libi's son and brother telling abc news a convoy of cars approached the home and vehicle, commandos jumped out, said the men, smashing the car and grabbing al libi. I hope the perception in the world is that people who commit acts of terror will know that the united states of america will do everything in its power, that is legal and appropriate, in order to enforce the law and protect our security. Reporter: The captured yaed leader will eventually be sent to new york to face trial for the u.S. Embassy bombings. Lara? Thank you, martha.

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{"id":20491499,"title":"Twin Terror Raids Capture Top Al Qaeda Leader","duration":"2:22","description":"Anas Al Libi has been wanted by the US for 15 years, and was captured during a raid in Libya.","url":"/GMA/video/twin-terror-raids-capture-top-al-qaeda-leader-20491499","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}