Twist in Custody Battle Over Missy the German Shepherd

The decision on where the abandoned dog will ultimately live could take months.
3:00 | 08/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twist in Custody Battle Over Missy the German Shepherd
zuckerberg, $9 billion. He's still got a few million. A new twist this morning. This face right here. This is misty, marooned on the top of a mountain. Abandoned by her owner. Then rescued by a group of total strangers. A bitter custody battle was brewing. Now come criminal charges. Anthony, seen here with his dog in a loving embrace eventually left her hanging on for her life. The 29-year-old who abandoned his dog on a mountain two weeks ago is charged with man cruelty. It could be losing the animal to fines and/or jail time if the court deems so. Reporter: He says his dog suffered multiple injuries while hiking and he was unable to carry her down alone. A week later, she was found bloody and alone. She was laying there. She was barely moving at all. Reporter: They posted the dog's picture and location online. We got tons and tons of phone calls. People wanting to help. Reporter: And the next day, seven volunteers, mostly strangers, raced up the mountain to save the battered dog. In this unforgettable image, they loaded her into a backpack and carried her down the mountain. Is there she had major cuts and lacerations to all four legs and feet. Reporter: Anthony found out about the rescue and pleaded for sympathy in an online forum. I umbly beg the forgiveness of the community and most of all, my misty girl. The community was not buying it. He made no effort to save her. He threw her away and left her to die. Reporter: Now the sheriff's office filed criminal charges. Meanwhile, the dog is healing and will hopefully hike another day. She's doing very well. The doctor says she'll make a full recovery. So great to hear that. It is unclear where misty will ultimately go to live. We hear that may take months.

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{"id":17033194,"title":"Twist in Custody Battle Over Missy the German Shepherd","duration":"3:00","description":"The decision on where the abandoned dog will ultimately live could take months.","url":"/GMA/video/twist-custody-battle-missy-german-shepherd-17033194","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}