New Twist in Trial of Dad in Hot-Car Murder Case

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:46 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for New Twist in Trial of Dad in Hot-Car Murder Case
Test Text1 italics Test Text Time now for the big board. We start with Dan Abrams right here and the big trial in Georgia. The hot car trial. A far fighting murder charges after leaving his toddler for hours in a suffocating SUV. Your website law news is live-veeming this trial. Pretty dramatic day yesterday. Talk of a mistrial. That's right. The defense asking for a mistrial. One of the first police officers at the scene has changed his story since the initial police report. The issue was, how was Justin Ross Harris acting immediately after this happen snd was he hysterical or just pretending to be hysterical? It seems the police officer, according to the defense, has shifted the perception of Justin Ross Harris. The defense is saying, wait, we want the first police report to come in. Et cetera. So far, the judge saying, that's for krcross-examination. Not going grant it. When the officer testified, he said this guy was really hysterical. Now he's saying he didn't buy it? Correct. That's the key question. One of the most important questions. That's the human response, right? Everyone plays sort of parent-evaluator. They say, what would I have done if this had just happened to my child? How would I have reacted? The defense is saying, he was hysterical. He was crying. The prosecutors are saying, no, he wasn't. E wasn't acting the way a nor mall parent would act. Is the case going well for the defense so far? They've presented a lot of things we didn't know about before. And posed a lot of questions about whether Justin Ross Harris did this on purpose. With that said this is a tough case for the defense. The facts are hard for them. Remember, even in this jury thinks he didn't do it on purpose. They think he was reckless or negligent in the way he was handling it, he could still be con vicked of murder. Watch it on law With a "Z." With a "Z." Now to black Friday backlash. The mall of America is anountsing it will close this Thanksgiving. Yes, I said it, closing. Bucking the trend of black Friday deals starting earlier and earlier every year. Rebecca Jarvis joins us live. Every year, these sales kick off earlier and earlier. Right after Thanksgiving, the sales start again. So is this a big deal for the mall of America to step in and say, we're not opening on Thanksgiving? It's a huge deal, Michael. The employees, they cheered. And some of them hugged. I'm told some of them shed tears when they got this news that the mall of America, the biggest mall in the country, would stay closed. You see the pictures there. I mean, every year we get these pictures of Thanksgiving rushes, black Friday rushes. If anybody wants to be a prt of that, they're in luck. The mall of America will open on black Friday. And as somebody who sent sept many of her formative years hanging out at the mall of America, folding sweaters at the mall of America, as a job, I am proud of them. I say bravo on this one. Who will follow their lead? I think there could be others. All of the retailers the last couple of years that opened up on Thanksgiving have traded some of their later holiday sales for the Thanksgiving sales. They have to pay employees more. It's a long holiday season. They want their employees to be happy right up until Christmas time. So they sell another sweater, a watch, a TV. Probably others will follow. This giving them cover. When she said they were hugging, we sthoed video, I thought those were the employees. That's a weird way. They were hugging on the floor. They're very loving there. Okay, Rebecca, thanks. Let's take a deeper look at the big debate Sunday night. It will be a different kind. A town hall format. As we said, Martha Raddatz will be one of the mod arts. Jon Karl will be on the scene as well. You sea he talking to kellyanne Conway. She says Donald Trump is great at this format. It will be quite different for him. I think this could be a good format for Donald Trump. For a couple of reasons. One, he has done a fair amount of these. I've been with him at town hall meetings in Iowa and new Hampshire. He feeds off the crowd. The other reason this could be good for trump, it will be hard for him to go personal. All this talk about him going after bill Clinton's infidelities. I think that's very hard to do in an intimate setting where the town hall. And you're saying that will be -- That's good for trump. That would be a terrible decision for him to do, yes. What are the keys to success for the candidates in a town hall? I got a couple of rules for you. First of all, one thing about this format, you're not tied to the podium. You can wander around the stage. So my first rule is stay in your zone. Remember, when George W. Bush debated Al gore and Al gore walked over to him, got into his personal space during one of the questions. Take a look at what happened. Bush basically dismissed him with this look like what are you doing? I think that one look actually helped bush win that debate. I think you're right about that. You say stay in your zone. The exception could be approaching a citizen questioner. Bill Clinton did that in 1992 while the older bush was looking at his watch. That worked for him. That gets to my second rule. You need to connect with the audience. Empathize. George H.W. Bush look at his watch before that question. The key moment was when he got irritated about a question. Bill Clinton walked over and felt that questioner's pain. He didn't say those wos. But that was the feeling. You remember in 2008 when John McCain seemed to be pacing throughout the debate when he wasn't talking. And you know, he was all over the place. One point walking in front of one of the cameras. Jon Stewart had great time with that moment. Take a look at this. How you folks doing? As anybody seen my dog? Has anyone seen my little Mr. Puddles. Just the little guy? Fits right in your hand? No? Mr. Puddles! Mr. Puddles zblchlt I have snausages. Wow. Obama looks so young. So the key words, stay in your zone. Not body building. Don't get in front of the other person. Thank you, Jon, Rebecca, and Dan. Coming up. The big comeback off the field. The pitcher hit in the head by

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42609599","title":"New Twist in Trial of Dad in Hot-Car Murder Case","url":"/GMA/video/twist-trial-dad-hot-car-murder-case-42609599"}