Ty Burrell on Bowen's Heartfelt Emmy Speech

"Modern Family" star chats about hit ABC show's Best Comedy Series Emmy.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for Ty Burrell on Bowen's Heartfelt Emmy Speech
begun here on "gma." Happy to have ty burrell and the favorite tv family kicking off a brand-new season on wednesday. And days after a multiple emmy triumph. Five awards left the stage in the hands of you and your cast mates. It's great to have you here. We'll talk about your movie, "butter" coming up. But about that night, sunday night. You started the show off with such a bang. So many individual awards. And then, to end it, best comedy. How does it feel when everybody gets to join in the fun? That's the most fun because we do kind of consider ourselves a weird sort of family. You know? A fake family. And for all of us to be up there at the same time, it's a lot of fun. Especially for the writers who are the reason we're still employed. And brilliantly so. They're amazing. And talking to steve, he said, I love to give them forever I can because they pull it off. Your work wife, julie bowen. What a beautiful and heartfelt speech she delivered. Well, that's her. You could tell that she wasn't expecting it because she's a humble person. You know? She wasn't -- she was kind of like taken offguard. And that's her nature. She's a good, humble person. And beautiful. Great to celebrate it with you guys, afterwards, seeing you all together. I want to get to this clip of the new season. You, obviously, always trying to connect with jay, your father-in-law. And here, you're trying to surprise him with a fishing trip in classic phil fashion. Let's take a look. Put me back in the trunk. You're almost there. Whoa. Jay? Jay? Somebody help me. I would. But these pants cashmere. I got you, jay. You have to calm him down. Don't punch him in the head. I'm going to save you. It's like I'm being waterboarded. You're making me do this. Get this thing off of me. Happy birthday. We're taking you fishing. I do that for a living. I do that for a living. To that point, we have compiled some of the great pratfalls in phil's history. Were you aware of the degree and the prevalence that physical comedy it was going to require? I have always loved it. It's the simplist form of comedy, good and bad. I always loved doing it. It's been fun to be able to do it every day. Is it a lot of multiple It depends. Rarely is it one, which usually leaves me kind of sore. Rarely injured. But always sore. Yeah. Like getting 10 to 15 takes of jumping on the hood of the car, is not good for, you know, older fella. Never good for the older fella. Lightning round. We've seen the "high school musical." You're much better at it than i am. I want to know about the cast. Who is most likely to get a speeding ticket? Not me. I'm the slowest, oldest man driver on earth. Most likely to miss a mane? I'm going to say sofia. She's used to flying private. She doesn't -- and she rolls with 19 family members. That's a lot of security. I can't imagine there's one to pick. But a class clown on that set? I'm going to say jesse, actually. Jesse has, like an unbelievable amount of bits that he does throughout the day. And who cannot compose themselves during scenes? Who laughs the most? To break a scene. Also jesse. Also jesse. Jesse. I'm going to ask you who is most likely to be injured in the course of shooting an episode. I think we have the results. Yes. It's overwhelmingly you. Yes. We appreciate you being here. New movie "butter," is terrific. We'll be talking about it in a few minutes. Don't hurt yourself crossing the street. All right. Ty burrell. It's "modern family," wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central.

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{"id":17318688,"title":"Ty Burrell on Bowen's Heartfelt Emmy Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Modern Family\" star chats about hit ABC show's Best Comedy Series Emmy.","url":"/GMA/video/ty-burrell-bowens-heartfelt-emmy-speech-17318688","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}