One Man's Quest to Meet All 788 Facebook Friends

"Friend Request Accepted": Photographer Ty Morin meets his online friends, documents journey.
4:13 | 03/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One Man's Quest to Meet All 788 Facebook Friends
Olive view -- that are -- thanks for that question for how have you actually know your -- On FaceBook. Thank you know everything brown want to have a rule if I see someone on the street and I don't have some of the FaceBook friend of mine and I'm not -- stop and talk to them then I. -- I have to know that I wanna talk to the one that's very great Segway -- I don't know probably. Quickly but that I'm not supporting live -- quite so we're gonna bring in timer and he is. A recent graduate of the -- of Hartford and he is not a campaign document. We all love your FaceBook friends you have 788. Friends on FaceBook -- you're documenting this and it's going to be a documentary why you decide Davis. -- -- -- When I started taking pictures of people -- reach out -- FaceBook. And people in and -- the united where volume of interest -- not so much and hand. I guess that's your response from and I figured warrant to shoot everybody how that -- and it's something that. -- saying Colin -- doesn't take. Only 780 he had when did you start -- you anticipated my age. Started -- though. Two months ago and I've done about -- -- I've found so far so -- very. Tomorrow is I don't question are you financing as yourself but it's gonna cost -- a lot of money. It definitely cost a lot of money I'm working part time as they wedding photographer and I worked my dad and I haven't kick starter page actually. -- Flew out of the water I did not expect that we'll bring it all our people are giving yeah like -- from the contact them I initially started. Asking for 5000 dollars just to cover concert film I'm shooting -- -- -- old camera trained and it's now at thirteen thousand. Are you imagining mr. become -- bulk -- what what's the end game. I am hoping I'm filming everything he -- doing it and I'd like to make it to documentary. The prayers and what is the most interesting person that he met so far and most interesting place he visited. Com. And I think the girls like this -- I did want him to hide. I did lady I didn't line up. I did one friend who is their right there and he writes a letter a -- -- a girl like in the notebook. And he does an old typewriter and it's really -- Bonds. The decision is -- -- experience. Yeah. -- but I didn't think it's not -- -- didn't remember this and the reporter he used to take the phone book and opening -- to stick -- yes yeah yeah everybody -- Astoria exaggerate and -- attention on trying to capture everybody's doing what they love and -- are you asking -- why they why -- like sort of the decision different each other and you know each other so why did you click yes what did you -- I mean I started off with a photography business and I just had people coming and -- and I never met them before but they -- my pictures -- I mean. Why not say yes. On his friend anyone any man I actually had met my friends were heard saying do you -- make -- -- you like 810. Like we don't tell anybody and I thought about it for that kind of defeats the purpose of the project -- I'm sure now -- the more publicity -- more -- you're -- I -- where you draw the line apple is like it here if it keeps growing minorities thousand as the mandatory yeah yeah -- like just another candidate. Asia how many too -- it's it's at 780 year right now and that's where the movie's going to be -- -- right now I actually have doubled my friends in the past. Cooler side. The irony surrounding. That think I didn't announces of this. -- particularly active. So great we wish you must -- -- -- game. -- -- -- -- Our Ben pick up for -- yeah. We want to find out from you guys how many of your phrase FaceBook friends have you met in person. So are they all of them I keep my circles -- I see the majority on a regular basis I swear -- fewer than I'd like to admit.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"\"Friend Request Accepted\": Photographer Ty Morin meets his online friends, documents journey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18789898","title":"One Man's Quest to Meet All 788 Facebook Friends","url":"/GMA/video/ty-morins-facebook-friend-project-documented-photos-18789898"}