Ty Pennington Reveals New Show

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" host discusses new ABC show, "The Revolution."
2:02 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Ty Pennington Reveals New Show
Announcement high ticket. Watching -- we're starting Michelle and its. -- the revolution which is really cool thing because. Retrenchment in the lives of women in every different category talking health fitness but also panel also fashion -- Obviously this time but what's really need is it's the people watching at home also. Big -- Walters had changed her life so we'll go through -- journey together. It's actually a really cool thing because we're gonna really. Allow not a -- man who makes transmissions that we're gonna see every single day but -- -- -- -- watching ourselves so. It did it premieres Monday January 16 -- M eastern -- ABC stations yesterday to a two week long every day you're seeing a different part. Of the person's life being change. What Malaysia -- you like to see one person and -- story changed completely by the end of the week you'll see a whole revolution all transformational on the way. We can all have to come up big and small image as a whole life so it's really is about sort of -- -- yourself and then accomplish them and knowing that night you gotta support team. Every step away so it's critical to imagine Tim Gunn right you got you how to pass Macintosh and -- kids -- that doctor doctor Chan. As -- fiscal and ultimately help and then must meet certain you're treated and along with -- iTunes so what are you gonna do it other than cheering them along. Plus -- -- into -- you watched check again. Zakaria interviewed 1000 you know the embargo that you live an unrelated makeovers exactly outside. -- -- we got. Yourself -- that in my analysis doesn't change but I've also just from my job in the past I've seen what change looks like and. It is possible so adding whatever I can. Well it's it's pretty phenomenal -- -- still be moving that bus and well yeah. -- -- Again it. And while they're on January 16 2 PM eastern -- debuts on ABC stations it is the revolution it is. About you tighten them right thank you very much.

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{"id":15039948,"title":"Ty Pennington Reveals New Show","duration":"2:02","description":"\"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition\" host discusses new ABC show, \"The Revolution.\"","url":"/GMA/video/ty-pennington-reveals-show-revolution-abc-15039948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}