Tyler Clementi Trial Begins

Dharun Ravi is accused of spying on his gay roommate, who later took his life.
4:53 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for Tyler Clementi Trial Begins
Case that has gripped the nation now going to trial. A former college student accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate sexual encounter with another man an act that came to light after that -- jumped to his death off a bridge. He was his -- -- Davis has that story -- morning into the good morning be on a far from an open and shut case here as far as Tyler Clementi suicide. Jurors were told it has nothing at all to do with this case even more than what happened what's on trial here is intent was -- -- simply kids being kids. Or was it malicious. And motivated by hate. -- -- -- Worse than a -- prosecutors are trying to convince jurors that the -- Robbie Deans of big a defendant's acts were not a prank. They were not an accident. And they were anonymous state. -- -- the -- -- Malicious. Robbie was a freshman at Rutgers University when he allegedly used a webcam to spy on his eighteen year old roommate Tyler Clemente during a romantic encounter with another man. The prosecution on Friday claimed -- his actions weren't a college prank but a hate crime they were meant to expose. Tyler. His sexual orientation. Three days later Clemente violin virtuoso. Would end his life jumping from New York's George Washington Bridge. As word spread waves of support rolled into it gets better done or featuring encouraging video -- for gay youth since taking it to me. Here here. Even the president submitted -- video and every day. It gets better but in the courtroom Clementi suicide is not -- on trial it's not at issue only the spying. And for that -- faces charges ranging from invasion of privacy to the most severe bias intimidation a hate crime that alone carries up to ten years in prison. But proving -- did what he did because of -- hatred of gays may be difficult the prosecution's first witness even testified -- actually. Told me that -- -- nice guy brought his lawyer mention more than a dozen times in his opening statement alone at a good time Robbie was just eighteen. -- stupid. He's an eight year old boy -- sure. Prosecutors offer -- a plea deal early on and Ronnie -- actually avoided jail time altogether but he rejected the deal maintaining unequivocally that his actions were not motivated by -- Or by as we -- -- his parents in the courtroom yesterday I had the opportunity to interview them several months back what was interesting then is that they said that -- has never apologized to them. And that's something that they were expected. -- -- thank you.

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{"id":15789540,"title":"Tyler Clementi Trial Begins","duration":"4:53","description":"Dharun Ravi is accused of spying on his gay roommate, who later took his life. ","url":"/GMA/video/tyler-clementi-trial-begins-15789540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}