Tyler Clementi Verdict: Guilty in Spycam case

Verdict raises the question: Was this a hate crime or teenager being bad?
3:06 | 03/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tyler Clementi Verdict: Guilty in Spycam case
We can't turn out -- that guilty verdict in the case that put cyber bullying in the national spotlight to college student who set up a web cam to watch his roommates encounter with another man. But the verdict has raised new questions this morning was a hate crime or just a teenager being that. ABC's Linda Davis is here at -- were initially as a trial that captivated the entire nation and to really such an interesting verdict good morning be on it's important to know that prior to the trial to -- Robbie. Turned down a plea deal that would have guaranteed him no jail time in exchange for undergoing counseling and 600 hours of community service. But he would -- had to say he was guilty and his attorney has maintained all along immature yes. But not a -- We've reached over the verdict is being called unprecedented. Twenty year old around Robbie showed no emotion as it was read. Guilty guilty guilty guilty on all counts including bias intimidation a hate crime and second degree felony. And now Robbie could face up to ten years in jail. And with a felony on his record possibly be deported back to his native India we could -- trying to doubt and it and that's how we came aboard the -- -- a freshman used -- webcam to spy on his eighteen year old roommate Tyler -- during a romantic encounter with another man. And Robbie invited others to watch via Twitter and defendants' acts were not a prank. -- -- -- -- Malicious. They were -- not long after finding out about the webcam incident Clemente ended his life jumping from New York's George Washington Bridge. -- wasn't charged in connection with the suicide but to all the charges he faced including invasion of privacy bias intimidation and witness tampering. He pleaded not guilty. We all do stupid things in our lives it doesn't mean. Or hateful. We're big -- it. Or we're permanent. This state have the burden of demonstrating that Clemente felt intimidated and was targeted in part because of a sexual orientation. Let's look at the facts he texted a good friend of his -- and got to keep the bulls away whole. That shows right there his state of mind and in the end prosecutors were able to prove it. Most convincing evidence would. Definitely be what was presented electronically on screen about Tyler would actually viewing the Twitter pages and he also extra room changed after the verdict Clemente is dead had a message for other kids you go through a lot of people in your -- -- Some of these people you may not like but just because you don't like -- does not mean you have to work against them. Sentencing is set to take place in May bias intimidation is often associated with an assault or murder where it's clear that you were trying to hurt someone. It carries a prison sentence of five to ten years in this case the judge can give -- less time but it seems -- the best case scenario here would be. One to five years it's really interesting to know that and be the other man was in the room with Tyler he had told ABC news a while back that he didn't think that -- should do any jail time.

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{"id":15945231,"title":"Tyler Clementi Verdict: Guilty in Spycam case","duration":"3:06","description":"Verdict raises the question: Was this a hate crime or teenager being bad?","url":"/GMA/video/tyler-clementi-verdict-guilty-spycam-case-15945231","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}