Race Against Time to Save Typhoon Survivors

Emergency teams in the Philippines race to help in the most critical time after the typhoon struck.
3:51 | 11/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Race Against Time to Save Typhoon Survivors
the devastating typhoon in the philippines. 10,000 feared dead. The view from the air. Pure destruction. Look at hose two massive ships carried ashore by a storm surge up to 19 feet. It hit for two full days. Terry moran and gloria riviera are there. Reporter: George, night have fallen here in tacloban. We're well past the 72-hour point. Those who have been able to survive this long on their own will have a much harder time in the days ahead unless they get help. It is a race against time for emergency teams in the philippines. We joined a mission to guyan. Coastal villages in shreds. The people with almost nothing. Countless opportun leless towns like this one. They haven't gotten aid yet. Massive bags of rice bring relief. Here, they need so much more. This video obtained by abc-cbn shows the 20-foot wall of water. American storm chaser jim ed witnessed the moment of impact firsthand. Stuff was flewing over the top. It flew hard. It flew for hours. And it didn't let up. Reporter: At one point, jumping into a swimming pool to dodge the deadly wind. When it was all over, he captured the destruction. Here, the remains of a local school, where many opportunities rode out the storm. The guy, he was holding a dead girl in his arms, probably about 8 years old. He was crying. He said we lost ten kids here. Reporter: Science of hope. In this destroyed building, life goes on. Women are having their babies here, helped by the military doctors. This mother, almost swept aid way, but rescued to bring little beya joy into the world. U.S. Assistance now on the ground. The general told me the american team will send c-130 aircrafts, one of their main goals will be to get critical sup pliplies to the most hard-hit areas. More on the aid coming from the u.S. As the international relief mission swells is terry moran. He's on the ground there in m manila. Reporter: Night has fallen now on a nation in shock. The u.S. Marines are swinging into action as the first responders. The two giant c-130 planes left here packed with sup plies this morning. They're the first of what is likely to be hundreds of relief flights. The initial deployment of marines, about 90 of them. One of their missions, looking for survivors. Search and rescue. People trapped in the water. Trapped by the water. Meanwhile, a desperate search for news here. Right now, at this stage this dister just seems overwhelming to the people of the philippines. Robin? Thank you, terry. They said aid can't get there fast enough. For a way to help, go to goodmorningamerica.Com.

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{"id":20849042,"title":"Race Against Time to Save Typhoon Survivors","duration":"3:51","description":"Emergency teams in the Philippines race to help in the most critical time after the typhoon struck.","url":"/GMA/video/typhoon-haiyan-race-time-save-survivors-20849042","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}