Tyra Banks' Holiday Shopping Advice

The model offers tips for getting gifts for everyone on your list.
4:46 | 12/06/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tyra Banks' Holiday Shopping Advice
Time to talk holiday gifts everybody the holiday season is upon us so what do you get for the friend who has everything Robin. He was I think -- -- -- -- everybody and really we asked the woman who knows Tyra Banks model former talk show host Harvard business students. And above all else a great friend she loves the holidays and she helped pathology and -- gift giving survival guide. -- an idea for every one at every price point on your list. I'm obsessed with the holidays big thing in my family. I'm really up with some of the -- -- right now that he didn't -- and -- now -- that the -- I must admit I never try to cap and you know when women are trying to watch their movies you know during the holidays you can -- -- -- -- knobs are really tiny they're like little tiny like mini ice cream scoop. K this and it come -- twenty flavors my favorite is birthday cake would you just bit right -- -- -- my ten bit of course top. It took up until I know what is does not quite that's not what I usually when you could -- this small it's dry and I'm really not that -- getting back to share with you off. Really good -- not too expensive and girls of psychiatry low Trace found next. -- sonic Nyad is there really great way to get cash and this like the same people that make the toothbrush the and that too fresh clean your chief -- like a thousand times more than a normal -- this is the same thing we want surveys Milosevic on our hands are -- -- and it. This takes it to the next level and it's a lot of different applications that you can put on the top percent of -- and you know I think bonds -- whatever he gets that. Actually a little cook exfoliate. And it's -- okay -- south. I know you do not dead and -- -- -- -- know any sick because up what do you know I have no makeup on out I'll just look at. -- -- -- I'm now have this is a cheap venture -- guess this is also really great idea if you have a Smartphone this is a way to take Europe but at your camera and didn't get around the real camera I could not really a lot of people don't really have like real cameras these days and using Americans -- -- Smartphones and the -- still are -- to the quality that I think that they should be. But what this does photo Joseph Joseph you could this thing -- -- stick with insists it's like adhesive becomes a that he -- and you become like. Herb Ritz Palin barracks and -- -- these -- the top photographers back in my real model. I think he can take pictures that look amazing and it just little. That doesn't it makes it like for real -- not grainy stuff probably on the economy -- -- -- -- -- sect say cheese yeah he's. So let's talk about your -- a great gift for younger friends her daughter -- -- no -- daughter get this is about are about its top model and it is I'm fiction but. It's based on my life a -- by the -- -- -- to Democrat it's who it's about his off court insecure but -- that she's beautiful any girl in your life that you thought she'd like a boost of like. Bill good but have fun fashion fantasy. -- -- -- -- The other of that old twilight bingo and not not worrying and even -- figure out what's real what's not me it's a good read. What you want to have -- -- eyes that know those guys that you talk about in your wonderful blog not a land. You have products that you recommend that you love to share with -- yeah -- -- ever have an amazing smoky glass -- and here -- -- I yeah but just looking -- takes it to another level makes -- -- very thick and very -- and -- -- you that natural -- all the time. We -- he do it because I'm not you didn't look it's like angry -- -- CN. -- come coming here. Yeah yeah hey look you actually does look yeah but you know -- and -- A fast it's I guess NASA hot not smoking. And then right here I love -- especially about this coming up his back and -- letting us again how hobo bags and this is good for the woman that either has a big -- -- wants to have a big wallet in her person and go up in her first. Or the woman that like only whereas the public -- -- lipstick and a credit card I don't like her by the way and I understand how she can do that. But this is great because it's at what will it be bars and then look at this this opens -- -- goes what my hair. -- really -- this guy that can add the cutter was like like a Swiss army knife but first Robin Roberts about the purple and it. We have some sunglasses all sunglasses why some teens are actually really light -- so. Yeah do you handle quite -- -- -- -- looks in the eyes and then look at me it's like -- from Bob. Hello and ally you -- -- -- checking and why is that I -- and right. Thank -- -- -- here and check out. Our website Good Morning America dot com for all the information on these and we will be right.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The model offers tips for getting gifts for everyone on your list.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15094943","title":"Tyra Banks' Holiday Shopping Advice","url":"/GMA/video/tyra-banks-holiday-advice-15094943"}