Tyra Banks Talks 'Mirror Fasting'

Tyra Banks, Sherrod Small discuss pros and cons of avoiding mirrors to be less self-conscious.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Transcript for Tyra Banks Talks 'Mirror Fasting'
And we asked, is the mirror your friend, we're going "toe to toe" on this, because there's a beauty trend called mirror fasting. This comes from one blogger who abstained from looking at mirrors -- you couldn't do it for one minute. Can I tell everybody -- you know, on "gma." You've done this more than once. You look at a mirror and go "it's just not fair." . No, that's not true. He does it as a joke. No. Anyway, all teasing aside, because I know, you're very attractive. But it is a big trend and people are thinking that looking in the mirror could actually be hurtful. You're not supposed to focus on those things. We want to bring in two special guests to go "toe to toe." This is true. I have to say I've never been less happy to be a man. Because I have to stay on this side of the table today. Because right there is tyra banks and right here will be sherrod small. do you want to switch? Mwah! All right. All right. But you are really good looking, though. It kind of isn't fair. you know what -- wow. Okay. Whoo! Look at this. His long eyelashes, they're like -- you guy, is she looking now? Yeah. What am i, chopped liver over here? Thank you, sherrod, thank you. Tyra, the mirror fast, what do we think of it? I'm not for that. I -- I always tell women, that the mirror is not an enemy, and I think a lot of times the industry, the entertainment industry, fashion, beauty, tv, film, is always telling you that you're not good enough. And I started "top model" to expand the definition of beauty. To make freckles, short and thick and all different things beautiful. So not looking in the mirror means that they win, the -- the people saying you're not good enough, win. I say look at it, and say I hate my secellulite, but I love my boobs! I check on "top model" a lot. I'm struck by that, they're just beautiful women. They actually are. I don't even like to call it plus-sized. I call it seriously real. A-plus. What was that, josh? Ú Announcer: Today on "the chew," dig in to the crew's family-style summer meals. Huge crowd pleasers, like simple chocolate blueberry whoopie pies, a grilled chicken ratatouille, plus mario's monster shrimp with an orange chili glaze. Then, it's a "top chef" reunion when fan favorite carla hall teams up with the all-star champ for the ultimate braised summer brisket. And it all starts right now on "the chew." thank you very much. Good afternoon. Welcome to "the chew." In case you haven't heard, it's summertime. So, pull out the platters, bring your appetite, and round up the family because today we are cooking up easy and delicious family-style dishes that will fill the table and your tummies, too. We want you to get that -- you know, get out of the hot kitchen and get inside and with the gang as fast as possible. right? For a while there, I was like, "what am I talking about?" it's so good to get inside with the gang. Get inside with the gang, like we are today. It's that blue shirt. It's the blue shirt. You know, I was mesmerized. I saw my own, you know, appearance on the monitor. I was like, "my eyes are so blue." I was totally distracted by that. Wait. I need to -- I need to tell a quick -- can i tell a quick story? Oh, gosh. Oh, no. Quick story and michael symon -- yeah, okay. Wait. Now listen, pot calling kettle. So, when I -- when I got my apartment in new york, clinton came over, and I was showing him the roof. Oh. And there was like this little area where there -- like, there was a crack, and behind the crack there was a mirror. Sherrod, you think mirror or fast? You know, my whole bedroom is mirrors. I'm joking, crowd, it's just the ceiling. This crowd can laugh more than that. I don't think you have to duck away from fishers, you have to get comfortable in your own skin. No matter what you look like. Big, small -- there's somebody out there for you. What do you look at when you look in the mirror, oh, boy, this is nice? I'm looking at tyra's next husband. . What do you look at the mirror and see? Well, in my bathroom, i actually made it from scratch, i have a mirror in front of me and I have another one in back of me. I didn't get to realize, now i see my cellulite every day when I brush my teeth in the morning. I say oh, my, I see my bootie and my dimpling the in my booties but now I pose, and i didn't wear short skirts but now I wear them and I'm like, who cares. I don't like my cellulite, it's here and I don't have a workout regimen strong enough to get rid of it. So embrace it. Is there anything to the idea not focusing how you look, if you gave up looking in a mirror and thought about what you see and appreciate what's around you, is there something to that? I read the article, actually, about this, and I'm not super opposed to what these bloggers are doing, I do understand that they're saying, you know, they were so focused on their looks and making them insecure every moment and saying, look, look, look, look, not focusing on friend, family, relationship, that's another thing. That narcissism thing. But saying I don't like what i look, I'm not looking at myself, I think that's wrong. I think you should find one thing you embrace. We want to watch tonight, "america's top model." All new judges. The fans are actually voting this year. Getting back to the whole beauty thing. The reason I started it, i didn't want the fans to vote. I thought they'd choose the girl vegs of you, obviously pretty, obviously looking good. Obviously just not fair. Look how big his head is getting right now. No, I'm live on this for like a month. After yesterday, it's the least we could do. To me, I see beauty in freckles, or super pale skin, and frizzy hair, or super black skin with a big forehead. Now it's like, shays pale, she's chocolate -- technology supports it. The fan is the fourth judge. On friday nights on cw. Premiering tonight, everybody. Hey, everybody, I watch it, i watch it. Sherrod small, thank you. Lara, I want to thank you, you're my host for the ball coming up. Where we're celebrating women's differences to raise money. And she's on the host committee. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Tyra Banks, Sherrod Small discuss pros and cons of avoiding mirrors to be less self-conscious.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17074661","title":"Tyra Banks Talks 'Mirror Fasting'","url":"/GMA/video/tyra-banks-talks-mirror-fasting-17074661"}