Human Remains Found on Queen Elizabeth's Estate

Body found on the same grounds where the royal family celebrated New Year's Day.
2:23 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Human Remains Found on Queen Elizabeth's Estate
-- -- more that murder mystery unfolding at a rapid pace right now the -- state crime scene at this hour after a body was found close of the queen's quarters. ABC's llama Hasan joins us with the latest right now good morning. -- -- -- -- good morning to you while the police and -- treating it as murder examining cold cases nationwide. For potential links. ABC news has learned those human remains found so close to the queen's residence on her son and a state where that of the woman's body. Just hours off to the queen and prince -- that went to church this Sunday adult walker discovered the grim human remains. In the woodlands area all -- -- It's pretty bizarre off. A sudden these huge sprawling and it most of -- -- -- to the public and what. It baffles me is that why was it only stumbled upon all New Year's Day. Found here are just a stone's throw from the -- stud where the queen oversees the breeding and training of race horses. And less than two miles from the queen's main residence. So when the royal family where wowing the crowd and celebrating Christmas at Sandringham having a traditional Turkey dinner. What they didn't. No was within days the grisly remains of the human -- discover. Eatery. You -- it's a mystery even the one and in the great detective Sherlock Holmes himself might struggle to -- Who didn't want on the news and it's not the first time mrs. Sonnanstine in March -- year the money in American bottling James -- Described as an -- and obsessed with the queen was found 100 yards from Buckingham Palace so will members of the royal family be questioned in -- Case I doubt the royal family will be questions I doubt anybody will be questioned really except the person who found the remains. More than 200 people it also ended hearings. Farmers -- resigned gardeners and it's a popular tourist attraction. Someone must have seen something. While the area is now crying seeing as you said -- swarming with forensic experts searching for news and the police. I'm just released a statement saying that they are in the early stages of this investigation which could turn. Into a complex case the woman's body has now been taken for a post -- -- all right mama thank you very much.

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{"id":15278471,"title":"Human Remains Found on Queen Elizabeth's Estate","duration":"2:23","description":"Body found on the same grounds where the royal family celebrated New Year's Day.","url":"/GMA/video/uk-death-mystery-human-remains-found-queen-elizabeths-15278471","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}