Ukraine Launches Anti-Terrorist Operation

Greater conflicts could be ignited as situation becomes more tense.
1:12 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Ukraine Launches Anti-Terrorist Operation
Developing story this morning involving the crisis in Ukraine reaching a boiling point this morning. Government special forces reportedly exchanging gunfire with pro ration pro Russian protesters. NEC's -- mark part is on the ground with the very latest out morning. Good morning Dan dangerous escalation here in Ukraine this morning Ukrainian forces are carrying out what they're calling an anti terrorist operation. In an eastern Ukrainian town where yesterday to government buildings. Including the police headquarters were seized by well armed pro Russia gunman Ukraine's Interior Minister says at least one Ukrainian officer has -- Five. Week we've seen government buildings all across this part of Ukraine. Fall to armed groups war against the new Ukrainian government in Kiev the United States has accused Russia of being behind the unrest. An overnight secretary of state John Kerry spoke with his Russian counterpart. And accuse the armed groups of having the same uniforms and guns that the Russian forces had in Crimea when it was annex last month. Tens of thousands of Russian troops have massed along the border with the eastern Ukraine. Raising fears that this growing violence here couldn't give Russia a pretext to invade Ukraine.

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{"id":23308693,"title":"Ukraine Launches Anti-Terrorist Operation","duration":"1:12","description":"Greater conflicts could be ignited as situation becomes more tense.","url":"/GMA/video/ukraine-launches-anti-terrorist-operation-23308693","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}