Ultimate Deals and Steals Rock the Holiday Season

ABC's Tory Johnson reveals the best deals and discounts for every wish list this year.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Ultimate Deals and Steals Rock the Holiday Season
"Deals & steals" rocking the holidays. Great accessories you can get under the tree in time for christmas. And the one and only, tory johnson in the house, with all of the deals, the promo codes, the links. You need to go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Right now. You know what happens. You know the drill, ladies. It all runs out. Everybody -- the bags last week. Crazy insanity. That's going to happen today. We have a different setup today. We've buried this among our fun, little christmas balls. First up. Grab it, baby. That is from perlo. It's a really gorgeous necklace. How does it work? Just like that. You put it over your head like that. You see the pictures up there. An 18 millimeter round semiprecious gem stone. Set in 22 carat gold plating. Lots of different styles to choose from. 195. Slashed by 78%. 42. All men -- calling all men. Allen wile watches. You get a large face for men. And then, the small matching one. Stainless steel and leather, two different options. Four different options, two different types of bands. Normally, the pair, $225. Slashed by 72%. 64 bucks. Go no further. I love that. I love this, too. Last right on the tree. These are really beautiful. There's a big assortment, even beyond just this small assortment up here. You see on your screen. Single or stacked. 18 carat gold. You can choose stacked or individual. They start at $42. They're slashed big-times by 78%, down to $9. Okay. One little box right here. This is so adorable. Oh. Yeah. That's -- can I take it? No. Look at all of the big assortment that we have. So many different ones. Wait until you hear this deal. Normally 20 bucks. Slashed in half, $10. Can you get a shot over here, please? Thank you. They're fighting over it. And then, last but not at least -- they're $10, guys. You can do it. Buy your own. Last but not least, you want to grab that one, lara? Of course. Suede body bag. You are styling, baby. A variety of colors to choose from. Adjustable straps. Zipper or snap front. This one, slashed by 78%. 65. Tory johnson has one more deal for you. You have to go to -- where are they getting that?

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{"id":21177918,"title":"Ultimate Deals and Steals Rock the Holiday Season","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Tory Johnson reveals the best deals and discounts for every wish list this year.","url":"/GMA/video/ultimate-deals-steals-rock-holiday-season-21177918","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}