The Ultimate Love Shack? Living Large Inside 140 Square Feet

Visit a tiny house community making a big statement in the nation's capital
4:21 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for The Ultimate Love Shack? Living Large Inside 140 Square Feet
Welcome to power players and Devin Dwyer today we're talking about the ultimate. Downsized tiny homes like this one just over hundred square feet. Popping up in increasing numbers all across the country. When the people behind the movement Jay Austin Jay thanks for evidence of solicit tell me about your home here it's called the match -- the matchbox yes. It is about a 150 square feet. Off grid totally unplugged and self standing. See you grew up in a full size typical traditional home -- what made you want to live and in builds. -- -- I think there was always feeling of lawyer would do something like this you know live not little sailboat -- live in house Boehner RR on minority. And it was seeing the actual photo you know -- -- on the on the Internet that I Fonality one of those -- -- I want -- -- my own structure what is this once they have you. It definitely how it's a lot of the kind of horror minimalism and I feel. I didn't want to you have a giant house crammed into the schools they have someone just -- very simple the -- -- sort -- cabin in the woods. This community is also about making a statement a larger state. Others definitely there's an environmental statement and we do believe that houses can be built with a lot. Fewer construction materials in the last weighs less resources to power them to -- them to cool them. So I think the notion of a tiny house as a stand -- structure is definitely growing -- think you'll ever be. Yeah the ubiquitous American dream I think that it's always going to be somewhat of a fringe activity but I do think that people start steering away from the notion the you know 2000 square white picket fence home with the garage. And more towards -- that worked for them. Wherever they are life at the moment. -- take us inside a quarter when it -- -- -- And this is what 140 square feet looks like yet but the best part about. Demands. I definitely love -- skyline. Lost in general very -- -- -- you know -- a wonderful place to sit and watch the clouds -- line announcing a few of the three -- RC -- -- He's seen -- this would seem to be ultimate -- Yeah -- definitely it's very -- is geared to -- data over a tiny hills is a great sort of filter. In its. Some -- will be scared away by it you know certainly. But I find the people be compatible way that they either through into the notion -- Eight -- -- the other you have to sort of a sense. A sense of humor to appreciate is it -- you prospects. Potentially. Potential it. You're actually don't have. Running water connected to the city's sewer system -- have drainage going out in the city sewer system what do you do in your sink what kind of the bathroom it's actually eight. Excellent. Officers and so on Austin. And works really well and Jones -- athletic. Still under construction so it's they essentially this is going to be the toilets. And there's sort of the year undercurrent there. Still -- a bit more refining -- -- But getting there -- And then -- -- say the capital -- that sentinels shower curtains in the tour yet yet. That -- ended the day. What can a tiny home owner designer. Visionary pioneers. Teach the rest of us about how to live and -- full size -- -- Everything you own -- determine whether it's actually worth its value -- -- have -- using our large garage is a large crawl space is a large cabinets to. Something's in that we don't really care about you know the juncture roar and we're very very good about filling airspace of Connolly. A tortoise will grow you know to its container. And if we actually really take stock and take inventory of what we do you have that we actually value than liberals who don't actually need to force base last week. Unless think we -- That's all the time we have thanks so much for watching for ABC news in Yahoo! News -- Devin Dwyer. CNN's.

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{"id":23283991,"title":"The Ultimate Love Shack? Living Large Inside 140 Square Feet ","duration":"4:21","description":"Visit a tiny house community making a big statement in the nation's capital","url":"/GMA/video/ultimate-love-shack-living-large-inside-140-square-23283991","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}