Ultimate Strategies to Black Friday Shopping Deals Revealed

How to get the best deals and avoid chaos of black Friday shopping madness.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Ultimate Strategies to Black Friday Shopping Deals Revealed
Here we go. Black friday. It is, after all, now just a couple of days away. Famous for causing the stampedes. All weekend long, we all want the best deals. How to avoid the madness if possible with secret strategies to make the most of black friday, "gma" contributor, becky worley, up early for us in san francisco. Becky, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, everyone. Are you prepared for the battle that is black friday? It should, you know, just be a fight to get a good deal. Not to get the last x-box in aisle seven. So, retailers are changing things up this year. We have a look at what's new. And my top tips to maximize your markdown mastery. Black friday can be a full-contact sport. But this year, instead of coming armed only with a rolled up newspaper to fend off the hordes, this year, come with knowledge and my secret strategy. Strategy number one, as you know a ton of stores are opening on thanksgiving. And after extensive research, here's my opinion -- the discounts on big-screen l.E.D. Tvs, ipads and laptops are impressive. Target has a $22950-inch l.E.D. 229 bucks. Ipads, walmart has the ipad mini for $299. But here's the kicker. They'll give you $100 walmart gift card. Wow. But for other products, meh. The deals will still be there on friday, over the weekend, and online. For example, android phones, three or a penny all weekend long in-store. Even new ones, like the galaxy s4, a penny at staples or free at best buy with a two-year contract. You want an iphone? The 5c rolls out friday morning at walmart for $45. And they give you a $75 gift card. Here's strategy number two. Know what time your deal goes live. This year brings us the rise of staggered deals. For example, walmart has different discounts rolling out at 6:00 p.M.8:00 p.M., Then friday morning. Best buy rolls them out thursday night at 6:00, different ones at 10:00, midnight. New deals, friday morning. Remember when black friday was simple? And on friday? Okay. Moving on. Strategy three, map your store. Some target and walmarts are putting up detailed diagrams to show you where they're putting the product piles, the one that have door-buster items. Beeline to your item with confidence. And before you go, strategy four. Make technology your friend. Last year, good samaritans were posting online about parking availability, as well as line length. So, big savings. If you do decide to forgo the pumpkin pie and the football, head out to the stores on thanksgiving, well I've got a list of the top 25 best, smoking deals. Not just where and how much, but when they go live. They're all at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! I'm staying home to watch the baltimore/pittsburgh game. Finally football. You bet, becky. THAT'S ONE OF THE "Fs" TO FOCUS

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{"id":21027926,"title":"Ultimate Strategies to Black Friday Shopping Deals Revealed","duration":"3:00","description":"How to get the best deals and avoid chaos of black Friday shopping madness.","url":"/GMA/video/ultimate-strategies-black-friday-shopping-deals-revealed-21027926","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}