Unclaimed Money Found for New York School

Elizabeth Leamy helps find funding for a struggling school in Tioga county.
5:08 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Unclaimed Money Found for New York School
It is show me the money time. School districts all across oops sorry didn't get that. The decision being squeezed by budget cuts but it -- -- -- has been hard at work. And back on the bus with a surprising find for many of them good morning -- -- George that's right school districts can lose track of money to from things like vendor refunds insurance dividends but they never received. And we've found unclaimed money for a school that really needs -- with the help of the New York State comptroller's office. We were able to spring a big surprise on a small town high school that's been through a lot this year. There's -- -- they do item -- free academy. When their really it's. -- -- And they weren't doing it -- -- because we have to scream club kids and I. -- keep -- secret from 650. Chattering high school students. Well you don't keep it from long. From ABC's Good Morning America does Elizabeth believe me. Finding a week every -- New York State comptroller Tom di Napoli on the scene was the real tipoff because -- -- and with the money unclaimed money. Good Morning America and has been doing a wonderful job helping us get out the word. About our office of unclaimed funds and we weren't especially happy to bring the show me the money mobile -- -- -- in. Upstate New York because her canine reasons flood waters around the area in -- misery in August the water was about. -- -- This used to be deal we don't apple lake in central school district office. Caution tape still marks the high water spot in the auditorium where the -- now accompanied by construction. But with sheer will -- effort less than a week after the storm school was back in session. We felt. Six appearances especially for the sake of the children that. Re establishing some sense of normalcy was just the most critical thing we could do. And now we're about to do our small part to help the rebuilding process -- long. This -- for NB a weak dollar Appalachian central school district 6008. Eight dollars and 79 cents. Tell you exactly what we're going to do with the today but we have so many needs that we will certainly. Put these reforms to good use thank you so much. But wait there's. We did a search. The 83 academy family. And we balance. A number of folks here are entitled to various events -- Monday. The school district wasn't the only winner here -- service. Popular social studies teacher Melanie service had no idea she had unclaimed money made. Yeah and I. Melanie home was ruined by the flood so the long -- stock dividend will be a big help. This comes there really good time. -- when we really need really but we weren't done yet we -- -- eight other faculty. We encourage the students to search for unclaimed money from their family. Because the people in this one small community are owed a total of 602344. Dollars -- -- nineteen. This is a real. -- moment and especially when you come to a hard hit community. Where money is in short supply. Everybody was so psyched up that I decided to teach the students -- cheer my own from TDMA. After the pep rally if you can believe this the comptroller's office searched for a 35 members of the audience and -- unclaimed funds for 23 other spam which just goes to show you George how common it is -- money to go now. -- that is a huge percentage but I am so surprised when -- first are you script -- has -- school districts could actually get money -- how common is that. It is very very -- I typed the words school into one of the unclaimed money search engines and I got hundreds of hits talk about a way to earn extra credit not. No kidding -- and now we've got a great brand new total coming up right now the new grand total of unclaimed money the GM has helped fight for viewers is 418. Now. 590. Dollars -- Eileen thanks very much to show you how to search for unclaimed money for your school yourself on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Elizabeth Leamy helps find funding for a struggling school in Tioga county.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15087182","title":"Unclaimed Money Found for New York School","url":"/GMA/video/unclaimed-money-found-york-school-15087182"}