Unclaimed Money on 'GMA' Nets Viewers $1 Million

Elisabeth Leamy leads "GMA" in effort to find huge sums of money owed to fans.
7:48 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Unclaimed Money on 'GMA' Nets Viewers $1 Million
-- -- it's a moment we've all been waiting for -- the money. Favorite series but today. Half a million I had to -- -- million dollar giveaway. We have been finding unclaimed money for GMA viewers from forgotten bank accounts lost savings bonds and more -- we've been doing this for more than a year now. But today everything changes because we're going to go around the country. Reuniting people without loss cash but the gold of day is to reach a million bucks and put him back in their -- Far and away the most ambitious show me the money ever are unclaimed cash to listen Bellini has been hard at work -- -- the country for weeks for your money. And it's time -- to -- if you can meet that million dollar goal we are kicking off in Florida at the villages here Orlando. Good morning Cheryl and cannot Jeff Atwater you're chief financial officer of the state of Florida we're here today it would your state senator -- -- -- your state representative marlin O'Toole. And we have dollars to return -- you 79000. Dollars that belongs CEO. -- -- -- -- several great start and we're gonna Lynchburg Virginia now. For -- bridge -- in the state treasuries unclaimed parking program has a big surprise. So Lynchburg transit employees benefit as -- -- he. -- -- -- 84007. Before -- when he. That was found -- that account so that's great news for those workers as a lot of money -- down there. I hit a grand total is more than a 164124. Dollars and we have a few more stops and they have. Next Atlanta Georgia and a special announcement from Doug -- C George's. Commissioner revenue. I'm here to deliver a check to -- McGill and Judy Ramsey. For unclaimed property that her mom lost track of -- the amount of 94810. Dollars. When my last check of a lot of money that's -- -- you see this kid did look good. -- whether they live bigger yeah. Like eighty bucks for the cable company. 94000. Dollars. That's a grand total now nearly 260000. Dollars and found might be catastrophic -- let's go live to Charleston, West Virginia. Boy do. Probably treasure West Virginia -- here that sort of a check. For 400. And -- 1300. Thirty and semi serious. -- -- -- -- I -- -- parent and drill. I think you -- -- -- Nearly half a million dollars that brings us -- was closer durable of the million -- up to over 740000. Dollar -- that thousand. Can't really get just one horse not a Lulu live -- -- is live -- -- North Carolina. We got our fingers crossed and that's what they'll be like taken away. All right I am here with North Carolina State treasurer Janet Powell and several hundred excited students because we have not one. Not do but any unclaimed property tax that we're giving back to north Carolina's. I can't have it. The money back where it belongs fantastic well let me first -- we have -- -- for the community colleges and -- Cox is gonna accept this check it's. 171870. Dollars. And and only. Sex -- him naked to our goal of over a million dollars -- -- -- getting nervous because the numbers kept changing as we're preparing for this and I'm not quite sure where we ended up so what she got. Well next we got except for the university system -- North Carolina and it's for a 127000. Dollars 66. Dollars and 55 cents an hour the day from the you know. -- seems to be bigger than the last. But we haven't reached our -- -- and I'm scared because -- only got one check left. But it is an exciting one because the biggest chunk of this next -- is coming right here to a -- start. Yeah. -- so you're ready for this time pay -- -- before I hope I'm I. We're gonna keep the suspense going a little even -- I think it's gonna kill me and do this to the digit by digit OK yeah. We -- 6371. Now we wouldn't come -- -- -- that would wait let's do another one. 9363. Dollars and 71 cents a OK that is -- -- to buys some basket. Crayons and stuff right. But -- -- -- we can do better nearly gap to 9363. Dollars and he wants its. I got a billion that would normally Villa and its domestic total for our show me the money series but today it is not good enough -- They're better be something good under this last lap of Paper fingers trust everybody's fingers -- -- -- -- There is something even better and hope -- so relieved -- together today we have put together unclaimed property in -- 1000100. Asking -- -- -- -- like he did so hard on him. And my opinion yeah. -- -- -- -- It reminds people. How they can do this at home find money found this violently. Very good. -- -- now well over a million. Half dollars over the course of this entire station got such an overwhelming response lot of let's say to people -- -- to -- incredible tapes you want you all. -- could continue to keep on looking for all that unclaimed money.

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{"id":15712193,"title":"Unclaimed Money on 'GMA' Nets Viewers $1 Million","duration":"7:48","description":"Elisabeth Leamy leads \"GMA\" in effort to find huge sums of money owed to fans.","url":"/GMA/video/unclaimed-money-gma-nets-viewers-million-15712193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}