Unclaimed Money: Mom Cashes In

Cameras were there when pair received their huge check.
4:39 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Unclaimed Money: Mom Cashes In
Show -- a much there it is all year long even tell you how to -- unclaimed money that belongs to you got great results so far. Presented checks totaling 4181590. Dollars. -- -- between his back with another big one -- Hey George that's right what are the odds that a mother and daughter living under the same roof -- both beat -- unclaimed money. Well it's all true and we have the pleasure of being there to help the treasurer of West Virginia delivered the good news. And the money just in time for Christmas. It's 6:30. In the morning not even light out yet but we're here extra early to make sure -- -- was surprised people. -- workday begins house is right up there. West Virginia State treasurer John Perdue and his team. -- willing to get here in the wee hours because this is Vick case that will put them over the hundred million dollar mark. Unclaimed money returns to citizen are. Our global -- look good here. Melissa Cisco -- temperature -- come from a family of educators and we're excited to be bearing big checks for them because you don't get rich working as a teacher and me when you -- your two names and there and protecting. -- -- Couldn't -- -- since she was a baby Teresa was almost destined to work in schools since it's practically. Family business. Sure enough she teaches he he had Rasner elementary school in Charleston. Teresa had seen her name on the list the treasurer prince in the Paper but didn't believe it was for real and now we're about to show hurt it was. -- our money. Homeowner who was great looking video I'd like to present you with the roadway probably would -- -- and 1000. 51 -- deciding to recess yeah. Yeah and seeing each and recently her savings and but never collected like mother like daughter turns out Melissa as did the same thing when their -- was plus the money ended up here in the West Virginia unclaimed property program. How does it -- to get over that what -- just a hundred million dollars. Had a million dollar mark never dream will -- treasure review. Returning back out of money to people who stood West Virginia. Next -- -- the money to Melissa. -- retired now from her job as principal of -- -- an elementary school where she spent thirty years she has no idea how much money is coming. He already knows how she wants to spend it. -- -- -- Of course in college funds for her nieces and nephews. And finally it's time. All right so I'm helping out with this one and. She still may get this -- Word -- stringing along for a minute OK so let's see what this did you sense we're. Roads -- -- well actually this is eighty Wednesday resident got there. Chlorine and they're getting at least 1081 cents its. One main -- -- -- can't wait to see what this next did you -- One hundred's when -- -- anyone. -- 144. Dollars and what is. Under these superhero -- -- -- -- -- and here's another piece of hate her. Fittingly there example is educational for the rest of us it is great to sock money away into something like a CD but it's important to keep track of when an investment -- earning interest. At that point it's not doing you any good Melissa and two recent -- -- the -- years ago before they were lost and made even more money. Also to keep your accounts from being sent to unclaimed property in the first place. Make some sort of move in them at least once a year whether it's a deposit or withdrawal or even a balance inquiry George. Makes a lot of sense okayed this grand total is really something right now let's take a look. 434000. Dollars 7754. And 34075. Dollars and right now we -- -- if there's any money waiting for them check out our complete unclaimed money got a Good Morning America dot com on.

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{"id":15204660,"title":"Unclaimed Money: Mom Cashes In","duration":"4:39","description":"Cameras were there when pair received their huge check.","url":"/GMA/video/unclaimed-money-mother-daugher-cash-15204660","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}