The Undercover Cadet's Secret Story

Eric Thomas said he worked with Air Force to help clean up the Air Force Academy, before he was kicked out.
2:58 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for The Undercover Cadet's Secret Story
Turn now to the troubling report on sexual assault at the U.S. Air force academy. Detailing how some football players accused or convicted are unpunished. Some still playing football. Brian Ross has the story. Reporter: When the air force falcons take the field against army at west point for the big game, one of the players is a cadet accused of sexual assault. To the dismay of the former cadet who says she's the victim. Alexis Joe hardy said the academy protected football players. She did not name her attacker for fear she would be shamed and put on trial. They don't want people to know that sexual assault is a problem at the air force academy. Because the academy is supposed to have honorable people. Reporter: Air force investigators found a code of silence about sexual assault surrounding some members of the football team. It's difficult to get into that circle. And they usually don't snitch, for lack of a better word. Reporter: But investigators say they were able to break the code of silence with an undercover cadet by the name of Eric Thomas. The information I'm providing is what every other cadet should provide. Reporter: The leads resulted in what the air force called operation gridiron who's broad scope was not made public until the springs gazette revealed it. Linebacker jail cooks and Tony Daniels. A third star player, asher Clark was discontinued for drug use. And many athletes were excelled and forced to resign. We own it, we want to move on and do better. Reporter: The superintendent, Michelle Johnson, says she is the first doing a nonl there was a serious problem with sexual assault at the academy. Which she says she's working to change. There's no denial of what happened here. No. Reporter: It was bad. Yes. Reporter: But to her astonishment, one of the court-martialed cadets is playing football, jail kooks, now enrolled in Mississippi. Because of his conviction, he is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. But under ncaa rules, a criminal record doesn't keep him from being on the team. He's a star. He's appealing it, but the whistle blower, Eric Thomas was kicked out for misconduct. Which Kristen Gillibrand of new York says appears to be retaliation for blowing the whistle on sexual assault. You will have more on world news and nightline. That's right.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Eric Thomas said he worked with Air Force to help clean up the Air Force Academy, before he was kicked out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26537398","title":"The Undercover Cadet's Secret Story","url":"/GMA/video/undercover-cadets-secret-story-26537398"}