'Unicorns of the Sea' Face Uncertain Future

Lindsey Davis catches a rare glimpse of the rare and magnificent Narwhal.
3:00 | 08/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Unicorns of the Sea' Face Uncertain Future
. These animals are extraordinary. The stuff of legends. The so-called unicorns of the sea. It faces an uncertain future. Linsey davis takes us to the top of the world to catch a glimpse of these rare and maempbt creatures before it's too late. Reporter: It's the middle of nowhere in one of the most unhospitable places in the world. The wind is punishing. Before the cold completely drains my phone battery. I decided to document this oshg tick expedition. We're in our three hour. This is the price of admission for a shot at one of the most elusive creatures on the so-called unicorn of the ocean. It's the stuff of fantasies. Which is why even the possibility of a sighting makes the trip a bit more bearable. We're deep inside the ark tishg circle. Bigger than california, but has only 11,000 inhabitants. Are we lost? We're lost! We keep taking these long detours because of these big cracks in the ice, cracks that shouldn't be this big. Starks reminder of global warming. Once we journey to the edge, we find the home of the creature. Never get sick of it. We feel privilege to see them. Reporter: Before you see them, you can often hear them. There's a distinct clicking sound making it clear that the narwhals have arrived. We spot it. An arched back offn the distance. I can't believe, we've actually sactu actually a narwhal, so they exist. Reporter: There's actually one right there. Before we know it, narwhals are everywhere. There are so many. There are like six or seven of them. Reporter: But for a slightly closer encounter, I venture out with our fearless leader into narwhal territory. This is the only area to see these narwhals. Reporter: Suddenly, something takes a massive gasp for air. As if on cue, the fog clearance just long enough to realize we're surrounded. And for just a second, we spot it -- that famed ivory tusk. Just as quickly as the narwhals, they're gone. They're also among the most mythical. That's amazing. That's really amazing. You know, she shot a lot of that with her own iphone.

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{"id":17082165,"title":"'Unicorns of the Sea' Face Uncertain Future","duration":"3:00","description":"Lindsey Davis catches a rare glimpse of the rare and magnificent Narwhal.","url":"/GMA/video/unicorns-sea-face-uncertain-future-17082165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}