University of Montana Quarterback on Trial

A star college athlete is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met at a party.
3:02 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for University of Montana Quarterback on Trial
trial that begins today in montana, where a star college athlete is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman he met at a party. But this dramatic case may be one part of a disturbing pattern at the university of montana that's shaking up the ncaa. And dan abrams with the story. Reporter: It's a case that's divided a community. Part of a larger debate, an investigation into whether a major university and a local police department and prosecutors have done enough to respond to dozens of claims of sexual assault. Johnson, keeping it. Running. Johnson, touchdown. Reporter: Jordan johnson was the star quarterback for the university of montana grizzlies. It's going to be a great experience playing in front of 100,000-plus people. Reporter: But this morning, he's the defendant at the center of a sexual assault case that's rocked the mountain community of missoula. He's accused of the sexual assault of a female classmate and has pleaded not guilty. With the trial beginning today, some facts are not in dispute. Johnson and the alleged victim agree, they flirted at a party in 2012. She was interested. He texted her. He picked her up in his car, brought them bo her house and they started kissing. What happened next is fiercely contested. He said they had consensual sex. But johnson's accuser texted a friend saying, I think I just have gotten raped. I said no. But he wouldn't listen. In a different text, she wrote, I don't think he did anything wrong. A month and a half after the encounter, she formally reported it to author he was the star. He was the face of the team. Regardless of the status, people want to know what happened. Reporter: Around the same time, the u.S. Department of justice announced a probe into a staggering 80 reports of sexual assaults in missoula over a 4-year period. The purpose of our investigation is to determine whether the university and the law enforcement agencies acted promptly, adequately and fairly to protect the safety of women. Already the u.S. Department of women has joined the d.O.J. Investigation. And the ncaa has launched the probe of its own. But the university of montana's athletic program -- johnson gets taken down at the 2. Reporter: Has taken a major hit. If the jury selected this morning decides to convict, johnson faces up to 100 years behind bars. It could also be as little as two to four years. And in a case like this, george, where it's a real he said/she said, the medical testimony becomes crucial. A community like this, the star quarterback, it's got to be difficult to get a jury. Everyone is covering the case in the community. They had to bring in additional jurors. 400 prospective jurors. They have to do jury selection at the local holiday inn. My gosh. Thank you. Now, to the heist drama

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{"id":18438845,"title":"University of Montana Quarterback on Trial","duration":"3:02","description":"A star college athlete is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met at a party.","url":"/GMA/video/university-montana-quarterback-jordan-johnson-trial-alleged-sexual-18438845","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}