Jordan Johnson's Two Days of Testimony in Trial

The former University of Montana quarterback is accused of sexual assault.
4:51 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Jordan Johnson's Two Days of Testimony in Trial
Now, to the dramatic trial of the star university of missouri quarterback. Taking the stand for what he says is his side of the story. Linsey davis is here with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, robin. We heard johnson definitively say again and again, he n sexually assaulted his accuser. We also heard from his high school coach and from his dad, that he'd never been in trouble. That he studied the bible, went on mission trips. And when johnson got a letter from the dean's office accusing him of rape, johnson says he was shocked beyond belief. From the witness stand, jordan johnson, former star quarterback for the university of montana, now accused of forcing a former acquaintance to have sex with him, said no, means no. But that his accuser never said that word. She never said no. I would have heard her. And I would have listened to her. And I would have stopped. Reporter: For the first time, johnson explained directly to jurors wednesday, what he says happened that night. That they agreed to watch a movie in her room. He had been drinking. And asked her to pick him up. I liked her as a person. I didn't like her as, like, a girlfriend-type. Reporter: He says about 15 minutes into the movie, they started kissing on her bed. And things quickly escalated. She wasn't resisting in any way. And she was still kissing me. Reporter: He testified that she seemed to be enjoying herself. That she drove him home afterward. And she saw a message she sent to a friend right after the incident, where she texted a smiley face. She seemed fine. If she seemed upset, I would have asked her what's wrong? Reporter: The incident happened last february. But it wasn't until more than a month later that the 21-year-old alleged victim, whose name isn't being reported, told authorities he raped her. But the defense described the victim as a spurned woman, who was jealous of a new relationship johnson was having with another woman. I was kind of starting to think about ]. And I didn't want her to know that I had sex with another girl. Reporter: This case that has divided the university and surrounding community, could likely be in theands of the ju to decide as soon as tomorrow. Testimony resumes today for the defense's final witness. Johnson is charged with sexual intercourse without consent. A felony that carries a maximum sentence of 100 years in prison. Robin? Linsey, thank you. Let's bring in legal analyst, dan abrams. Jordan johnson, did he hurt or help himself? He survived. That's all he needed to do. In inconsistencies in his account. No differences from his police interview. The prosecutors are focusing in regards to how much did he drink that night? Where were his hands? How long did the incident occur? They say there's some inconsistencies there. As a result, I think it was a net positive for him to have taken the stand. It is a classic he said/she said. It has us here in the studio buzzing. And to be able to prove something like that, is that what they're really up against right now? The problem is, they have to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt. As a result, I will be stunned if there's a conviction here. I don't say that lightly. That does not mean she's lying. That does not mean prosecutors should not have brought this case. It means to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt, to get 12 jurors to agree that there is enough evidence to send him away, I think is going to be incredibly difficult for prosecutors, based on the evidence we've heard in this case. Is there one piece of clear evidence that supports her claim? It's the fact that she texted immediately thereafter, to a friend, basically saying, she thought she was raped. But most important, it's her account. This is that great debate have around the country all the time. When a woman says she was raped, we have to take that very, very seriously. woman who over a series of time, and there's people who came forward who said she was talking about it before she reported it to the authorities. That she was incredibly upset when talking about the incident, et cetera. So, there are other witnesses here, in addition to her, that help support story. But proof beyond a reasonable doubt to send him away for up to 100 years, that is going to be very difficult in this case. And jordan has had a lot of character witnesses on his behalf. Again, it goes down to a classic he said/she said. What is next? The case is almost over. One more witness today. Closing arguments on friday. We could have a verdict shortly thereafter. You also have the possibility of a hung jury. One or two jurors who are unwilling to go with a majority. But again, I'll be really surprised if they're able to get 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt. And I'll bet the prosecutors

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{"id":18616655,"title":"Jordan Johnson's Two Days of Testimony in Trial","duration":"4:51","description":"The former University of Montana quarterback is accused of sexual assault.","url":"/GMA/video/university-montana-quarterback-jordan-johnsons-days-testimony-trial-18616655","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}