Lacrosse Player Murder Trial: Forensic Evidence

George Huguely is accused of first degree murder in the death of his girlfriend.
1:38 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lacrosse Player Murder Trial: Forensic Evidence
-- much have the latest. In the UV a murder trial the prosecution argues that Yardley love died after George -- attacked her. Saying he repeatedly bang your head against the wall her bedroom and their doctors added the physical evidence points to a violent end of her life. CBC's Andrea canning has the story. They were tough words to -- for Yardley love's family. A brain specialist to examine love's -- testify Tuesday that the UVA senior suffered a series of powerful blows to the head. Doctor Christine Fuller told the court quote. The injury was consistent with the head banging against -- wall their testimony is contradicting what the defense is trying suggests which is an accidental death. Love's former boyfriend Jorge -- -- is charged with first degree murder both were lacrosse players. Earlier in the trial the prosecution described -- glee as jealous they pointed to a menacing email he allegedly sent -- days before she died nearly two years ago. Quote I should've Kil -- -- Billy wrote. You should've killed meet -- responded you -- told police that when he went to see love the night of her death he shook -- a little. The 2.4 year old claims love repeatedly banged her own head against the wall. Detectives say he admitted to grabbing her -- but denies strangling her the assistant medical examiner told the court he believes love may also been suffocated. However he too believes her death was ultimately caused by blunt force trauma to the brain he. Victim was probably alive for a couple of hours after. These traumatic injuries and that means the defendants had an opportunity to get help and he failed to get help and that's extremely relevant to his culpability. In this crime. For Good Morning America injury canning ABC news New York.

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{"id":15626559,"title":"Lacrosse Player Murder Trial: Forensic Evidence","duration":"1:38","description":"George Huguely is accused of first degree murder in the death of his girlfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/university-virginia-lacrosse-player-george-huguely-murder-trial-15626559","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}