5 Unknown Kitchen Germ Traps

Elisabeth Leamy reveals areas in kitchens that may be full of bacteria, viruses.
4:20 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for 5 Unknown Kitchen Germ Traps
Every year more than fifteen million Americans get sick from their food mostly in our own kitchens. So little mistakes and make -- so sick ABC's Elizabeth lenient in tracking him down -- help from consumer reports. You know the usual -- -- kitchen sink. Sponges and crevasses and cutting. And America's Most Wanted and. That not just icky and what danger when -- -- if it makes -- -- if he gets to -- could be dangerous to your health. Now Gayle -- of consumer reports and I are about to bust -- more surprising offense. First there's my. Minutes suspicious activity on your counter tops here's -- You see who can contaminate your stuff but -- -- and also contaminate your. They don't have to take your word forever because we have our -- -- -- we can you that your. Those white spots are hidden gangs of germs on the -- little glasses. Alone this solution solitary confinement for all outside. Lucky gal that's number one what's number two. -- -- let your guard down and these sneaky smugglers will bring bacteria from the storm right into your kitchen. Manner -- look at it adds that those ran onto your counter when you hit it straight frontier town. -- -- -- hard -- with soap and water OK you know what's. Refrigerator and free is refrigerators. Cold case but maybe not cold enough to keep bacteria -- today. Let me show you have the proper temperature in your refrigerator one way youths he tested with an Intel. -- -- -- have few minutes later we know this bridge has something to high. This refrigerator right now it's at 42 degrees Fahrenheit ultimately when it -- between thirty to forty degrees. That's that's what -- Bad boy number -- is downright trashy your garbage people open. The door to the garbage they throw something away and they go right back to what they were looking back at threats even if you just touch the door your garbage is hiding behind you need to wash your hands. Here's the proof. Let's flip off the regular -- -- on this black light. And -- promotion for hospices. It's all right you know shown us for our hidden hazards in your kitchen and what -- -- five. Eighths years. That's right heat or anybody with sticky fingers. Every time you come in -- some praying lord brings you -- bringing in bacteria or germs. That were here before. Let's play the surveillance tape back to -- -- the surfaces like touched while touring this kitchen. Fingerprint evidence all over in the snow. -- teapot and live free -- but closet and an entire -- man on the counter laugh home. Now that is incriminating. -- is my hands. Of that spectrum that is in -- -- well thank you. Yes -- -- thank you. I think your mind are I don't want my -- -- in my own defense I had put this glow in the dark lotion on my hands before that -- so we can demonstrate how you can spread germs direct your kitchen -- isn't afraid to do that in our kitchen to tell us that there's an old fashioned solution to all this. Yes indeed which is washing things more often than you think you need to for example this sink looks pretty -- to the naked eye but lights please. Get it with the black flight and all of those white spots represent -- who -- some picture of folks had actually started using one of these black likes to find the germs. And scrub them away lights please. And you can get one of these at a hardware store for about fifteen bucks George if you're really -- -- pretend that really shows something. I think what I thanks very. -- should -- all the lot we have a lot more on this on Good Morning America dot com. --

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{"id":15420377,"title":"5 Unknown Kitchen Germ Traps","duration":"4:20","description":"Elisabeth Leamy reveals areas in kitchens that may be full of bacteria, viruses.","url":"/GMA/video/unknown-kitchen-germ-traps-15420377","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}