U.S. Gymnastics "Fierce Five" Flash Their Golds

Winners of the first U.S. team gold since 1996 discuss their victory at London Olympics.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for U.S. Gymnastics "Fierce Five" Flash Their Golds
Gold first time since 1996 and they are the -- 5 with us this morning. Jordan Gabby McHale that Thailand -- thank you for that. Seven. It's sort of like this now kind of -- every especially as the group a lot of cheering the gold medals don't. Don't hurt him but cereal boxes and you may -- what you -- -- -- about -- whole -- what -- might actually happen. And I mean aren't we have an accident N com am I just make any -- -- Sandy already weakened veterans and out of that sent me getting up takes Atlanta I'm -- payments like -- I'm. But of course Robert patents in here Twitter going crazy these were really the social media. Olympics as much as everything -- everybody the president's Justin Bieber Oprah Lady -- all tweeting congratulations what's it like we see those names. Calling you guys out individual. -- I just amazing and that it's finally -- another laying off hard work sacrifice and dedication at nap in the gen. And that would panic fitness diet and then -- disinfectant maybe feeling just really on cloud nine right now. -- a lot of time away from. You finally joins us mention that you finally -- -- -- don't kid me that he's gone back to Virginia Beach what -- excited to do what's your finally the wave. I'm -- and missing out -- -- my god we haven't seen image forever but I don't. I had gotten to be since he -- flags seen what had been missing and that Manny gets chilling and relaxing -- my family and friends. Eileen thank you congratulations on Kerry decorated -- thank you spent London a lot of people you heard from Justin Timberlake. Told -- -- incredible I have. Must have major -- been -- for a second. Yeah I was really -- about getting some much Levin's apartment everything here is that means so much that same our guests. I'm really happy indymac common my guess really on exam revealed that had -- and then amazing talent -- -- -- And -- in London the royal -- Welcome back Jordan that meant leaving the duchess Kate everybody here on the show and we we hear about keep all the time what was it like what was she actually liked when she does. Stop by the -- She was so nice and even my new mom pregnant. Do you Wear actually after watching the competition and so she is yet set out to top US out SX not and it's awesome to me and -- -- I don't -- So I'm not impressed were you in that moment I mean we all know now -- the picture of you with the silver cup how viral it's gone but again on the what -- you thinking. -- I -- the National Anthem playing as just a little bit sad that it wasn't eyes. I'm I wasn't my accent witnesses tell -- -- I let my guess it's sad when buying -- my Latin Galen thanks tonight. It's really funny and we've not had -- that last night at eight. I guess. It's just really funny and let's see I mean I know we have wanted C do we have the picture again you guys sent an. I'm sure you guys all sort of -- for -- in that moment. That there is there she is not not impressed and see you guys decided to not be April what did you guys do with -- is -- -- what I'm yeah. Condit. Sixteen me back -- -- really exactly have they ever outside getting even -- -- -- didn't like about our. -- -- -- -- And there it is. So you're not -- not happy at -- the trial. You get to meet a lot of people obviously owe an Olympian and beyond the stars but who was one Olympian you -- happy to exist where there in the military. It's not I -- we met so many great athletes in the -- -- almost flawless -- -- -- -- -- it's -- Terry Lawson. I have -- attacks -- -- I think now I'm pretty neat but nodded and smarts and and does not enemy salmon and how did not say how they -- -- Yeah. I wanna say it. I would I have young daughter got team USA got it done that really led by its women I just ten. Thank you -- on behalf of the country it was a remarkable thing to watch all of you congratulations to all of you thank you for being here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Winners of the first U.S. team gold since 1996 discuss their victory at London Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17010710","title":"U.S. Gymnastics \"Fierce Five\" Flash Their Golds","url":"/GMA/video/gabby-douglas-jordyn-wieber-us-gymnastics-fierce-flash-golds-medal-london-olympics-17010710"}