US-Led Coalition Hitting ISIS 'Harder Than Ever,' Obama Says

Obama added that his administration continually reassesses its strategy to fight ISIS, not only against trained extremists on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, but also in the U.S. homeland against radicalized followers.
7:04 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for US-Led Coalition Hitting ISIS 'Harder Than Ever,' Obama Says
Today the United States and our armed forces continue to lead the global coalition in our mission to destroy the terrorist group Beisel. As I outlined in my speech to the nation last weekend our strategies moving forward with a great sense of urgency on four fronts. Hunting down and taking out these terrorists. Training and equipping Iraqi and Syrian forces to fight I soul on the ground. Stopping our souls operations by disrupting the torturing financing and propaganda. And finally persistent diplomacy to end the Syrian civil war so that everyone can focus on destroyed iso. Or provide all of your brief update on our progress against. The ISO court in Syria and Iraq. Because as we squeezed. Its heart will make it harder Tressel to pump its terror propaganda to the rest of the world. This fall even before the revolting attacks in Paris in December and do you know. Are ordered new actions to intensify our war against Beisel. These actions including more firepower and special operations forces are well on the way. This continues to be a difficult fight. As I said before my soul is dug in including in urban areas may hide behind civilians. Using defenseless men women and children. As human shields so even as were relentless we have to be Smart. Targeting hustle surgically. With precision. The same time our partners on the ground are rooting ice all out town by town neighborhood by neighborhood block by block. That is what this campaign is Newark. We are hitting hustle harder than ever. Coalition aircraft are fighters bombers and drones have been increasing the pace of airstrikes nearly 9000 as of today. Last month in November we dropped more bombs sisal targets than any other month since this campaign started. We're also taking up Beisel leaders commanders and killers one by one. Since this spring Weaver and moved Abu sire one of the top leaders. IG moved to us Beisel second in command. Originated Hussein a top online recruiter Mohamad. And why Ozzie who brutally murdered Americans and others and in recent weeks finance chief Abu Saleh. Senior extortionist Abu Mario and weapons trafficker Abu Rahman Al to music. The list goes off. We're going after eyesore from their stronghold right down right in down Tom Rocca. To Libya where we took out Abu mobile the ice leader there. The point is are so leaders cannot hide and our next message to them as simple you one next. Every today. We destroyed as well more by axles forces they're fighting positions bunkers and staging areas. They're heavy weapons bomb making factories compounds and training camps. Many places hustles lost its freedom of maneuver because they know if they massed their forces we will wipe them out. In fact since this summer eyesore has not had. A single successful major all offensive operation on the ground in either Syria or Iraq. In recent weeks we've unleashed a new wave of strikes on their lifeline there oil infrastructure. Destroying hundreds of their tankers. Trucks. Wells and refineries and we're gonna keep on hammering boats. I so also continues to lose territory in Iraq. I sold had already lost. Across her core province and that to create more recently are so lost at sings or are losing a strategic highway. I soul lost Marjorie where that's oil refinery. We saw during raid the Derrick right supported by our special forces which rescued dozens of prisoners from Beisel. And which master sergeant Joshua Wheeler may be ultimate sacrifice. So far I soul has lost about 40%. The populated areas it once controlled in Iraq. And it will lose more. Rocket forces are now fighting their way deeper into a muddy the working to encircle Fallujah and cut off Beisel supply routes in to Mosul. Again these are urban areas were I soul is entrenched. Our partners on the ground Trace a very tough fight ahead. And we're gonna continue to back them up with the support that they need to ultimately clear Beisel from Iraq. I saw also continues lose territory in Syria. We continue to step up our support and supplies to local forces Syrian Kurds Arabs Christians Turkmen and they are having success. After running I saw a whole body and tell. Of the job. They've pushed hustle back from all most across the entire border region with Turkey and we're working with Turkey to seal the rest. Parcells lost thousands of square miles of territory once controlled in Syria and Iran will lose more. The special forces that I ordered to Syria begun supporting local forces before self. Cut off supply lines and tighten the squeeze on rocker. Meanwhile more people are saying I shall for the thugs in the thieves in the killers but there are. We've seen instances Beisel fighters defecting. Others who tried to escape or been executed and I missiles reign of brutality. And extortion continues to repel local populations and help fuel the refugee crisis. So many people are migrating said one refused Syrian refugee. Eyesore she said what and up all all. All of a sudden. We recognize that progress needs to keep coming faster. No one knows little more than a catalyst Syrians and Iraqis living every day on Russell's terror. As wells the families in San Bern Dino and Paris and elsewhere were grieving the loss of their loved ones. Just as the United States is doing more in this fight just as our allies France Germany and the United Kingdom. Australia and Italy are going more. So must others and that's why I've asked sector Carter to go to the Middle East filled apart right after this. Press briefing to work with our coalition partners on securing Mormon Alter contributions to this but. On the diplomatic front secretary period will be in Russia tomorrow as we continue to work as part of the get our process to end the Syrian civil war. And meanwhile here at home the Department of Homeland Security is updating its alert system. To help the American people stay vigilant and safe. And as always are extraordinary men and women in uniform continue to put their lives are more. In this campaign and around the world to keep the rest of us safe. The solid season many of our troops are once again far from their families. And as your commander in chief on behalf of the American people we want to say thank you we are grateful and we are proud for everything that you do. Because of you to America. That we know and love and cherish is sweeping the world in this fight. Because of you I'm confident that we are going to prevail. Thank you very much are Rick.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Obama added that his administration continually reassesses its strategy to fight ISIS, not only against trained extremists on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, but also in the U.S. homeland against radicalized followers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35760349","title":"US-Led Coalition Hitting ISIS 'Harder Than Ever,' Obama Says","url":"/GMA/video/us-led-coalition-hitting-isis-harder-obama-35760349"}