US Marshal Provides Update on Hunt for 'Affluenza' Teen

U.S. Marshal Rick Taylor says his team believes Ethan Couch and his mother are still on the run together.
4:08 | 12/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Marshal Provides Update on Hunt for 'Affluenza' Teen
Test Text1 UND And we are back now with the intensifying manhunt for Ethan couch on the run with his mom and U.S. Marshals calling it a major case. We'll speak with the marshal leading the hunt. First ABC's Clayton Sandell has the latest. Reporter: This morning authorities are asking the public to be on the lookout for this Ford truck that belongs to Ethan uch's mother, Tanya. We certainly believe they're together. She's helping him and she's assisting him. Reporter: A U.S. Marshals and FBI are now joining the hunt for mother and son. Sources close to the investigation telling ABC news it's assumed that Ethan may try to change his appearance. He's not the kind of person that rehabilitates who learns his less on. Reporter: He was 16 when he killed four people driving drunk in 2013, convicted and sentenced to only probation after an expert testified couch suffered from affluenza, a condition caused by his healthy upbringing preventing him from knowing right from wrong. It is not an officially recognized diagnosis. I have never seen a case that sparked such outrage, that sparked such emotion from people. Four totally innocent people were taken away in a second by the irresponsible actions of this juvenile. Reporter: Officials say this social media video posted earlier this month shows couch at a party near a beer pong table. The sheriff believes that possible parole violation is what caused couch now 18 to flee. But I think that was the trigger that sent him running once that video surfaced. Reporter: This morning couch's face is on these wanted posters and now a $5,000 reward. He belongs in big boy jail, in adult prison. He's always avoided it. Maybe let him know money and privilege don't buy you out of every circumstance. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Clayton Sandell, ABC news, ft. Worth, Texas. Thanks, Clayton. Joined by Rick Taylor, one of the agents heading up the hunt. Thanks for joining us this morning. What's the latest? Well, we've been working over the past several days with tarrant county and the district attorney's office and running down leads. Have there been any sightings of Ethan or his mom. We've been receiving a lot of tips that have come in all over the country to include a couple that were international. But, you know, we're quickly going through those ruling out those tips that are, you know, not valid. Pretty sure they're still together. That is our belief, yes. How much trouble is his mom in right now, if, indeed, she has helped him escape his probati probation? What kind of trouble could she be facing. The child charges could be filed against her and tarrant county is looking at that. It doesn't help her case to be assisting him and it's not to say that it's only the mother. If the investigation shows that other family members or associates, friends or anyone is offering support to Ethan, they will likely be charged as well. Do you have any information to make you believe ha? We have information that, you know, some folks are cooperating and we always keep that in the back of our mind that they may not be completely truthful with us. But as that information comes out and the investigation leads to that, yeah, it's very likely that warrants could come out for anyone that helps them out. What should members of the public do if they see either Ethan or his mommy do you consider them armed or dangerous in any way. I wouldn't consider him a violent fugitive, but any information, any sightings that they potentially see of him should definitely call the tip lines or their local law enforcement literally within minutes of receiving a valid tip, we could have our task force there on scene to arrest Ethan. And finally what would you say to Ethan or his mom if they're watching right now? Well, I don't know that there's anything really I could say to Ethan but I think I would like to say is to the families of the victims is that we're doing this for you and we're going to find Ethan and we're going to bring him back to tarrant county. Marshal, thank you very much. Thank you. Coming up, look who is here,

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"U.S. Marshal Rick Taylor says his team believes Ethan Couch and his mother are still on the run together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35903415","title":"US Marshal Provides Update on Hunt for 'Affluenza' Teen","url":"/GMA/video/us-marshal-update-hunt-affluenza-teen-35903415"}