U.S. Open Ref Lois Goodman: 'So Happy, Elated'

The tennis referee discusses the dismissal of charges against her for the killing of her husband.
3:28 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for U.S. Open Ref Lois Goodman: 'So Happy, Elated'
We're joined by lois goodman along with her attorneys allison triessi and robert. Can you tell us how you feel? I'm so surprised. Elated. Surprised? Well, it came earlier than i thought it would. But I always knew that somehow justice would be served and my name would be cleared. But the whole experience must have been so surreal. You're arrested in your refs's uniform. Coming to new york. You spent days at rikers island, what was that like? Horrible. Dark, dingy. It was depressing, terribly. You know, and in the cell for 23 hours out of 24. And hard. Accused of murder? Nothing to do. Yeah. Yeah. Couldn't believe it. And now, mr. Sheehan, the prosecutors have said insufficient evidence. Do you understand how it got this far? It got out of hand, the prosecutors corrected it. All the credit go to the l.A. D.A.'S office. Lois, what do you think happened to your husband? I wasn't there. Poor thing. I beat myself up all the time if I had been at home, I could have helped him. But I wasn't. And it's just hard for me to realize that he's gone, I miss him. Have you had the chance to grieve? No. No. They were just on my case from the beginning. Do you have any sense of how this could all have happened? I was shocked, you know. The last thing I ever thought was that I'd ever get arrested. Especially in new york. How 0 could they arrest me? I didn't do anything. And they have all the stories written up about you in the newspaper. It must have felt like they were talking about another person? Yes, I can't believe it. I'd see my name in the newspaper. I'd see clips on the news. Can you address the charges that were made, the possible murders that were set out? We knew, before we even met her. We had met with her family, they were unwavering that they didn't do this. We knew we had to get to the bottom of it and pretty quickly because she was in custody. This idea that she was having an affair was preposterous and ridiculous. And after living an entire life with nothing like this ever said about you. I think, my goodness, how can someone possibly cope with that? I didn't have a choice. You either give up or you stay strong. My kids said to me, mom, I never realized you have so many friend. And I've met people all over the world from the officiating that I've done. And I got an e-mail from one of them, it was during the u.S. Open, we're behind you. We believe that you would never do anything like that. This case was dismissed without prejudice. That means charges could still be brought in the future? There won't be. No question? Question. So where do you go from here? I want to go back to work. I miss my friends. I miss being on the court. Well, we'll be watching for you on the court. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Thank you for coming in. Thank you. Sam?

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{"id":17866454,"title":"U.S. Open Ref Lois Goodman: 'So Happy, Elated'","duration":"3:28","description":"The tennis referee discusses the dismissal of charges against her for the killing of her husband.","url":"/GMA/video/us-open-tennis-referee-lois-goodman-interview-happy-17866454","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}