How US Could React to Latest ISIS Video

Will this incident lead to new tactics in the fight against the militant group?
2:04 | 11/16/14

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Transcript for How US Could React to Latest ISIS Video
For more let's bring in ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz would will be hosting thissing this can out of Washington later this morning. Martha, I think a lot of Americans when they hear this news they'll be asking, you know, we've been many booing Isis for months now. Why can't we stop these murders? Well, I think one reason is because these hostages were taken before, before the U.S. Started these air strikes. And you really can't do this with just air strikes. The intelligence in both Iraq and Syria is very weak because we do not have people on the ground and you can gather only so much intelligence from the air. You can only do so much with air strikes, so it's very, very key that we don't have intelligence. That's why you see this british hostage-taker in these videos without anybody able to find him. They've been very good at hiding their prisoners, unfortunately. Let me ask you also what is the state of play in our offensive against Isis. More talk from the military brass about possibly using American ground troops. Is that a real possibility? Well, I think what they're talking about and this is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, he said it to us before, as well, is getting forward air controllers, getting people on the ground, U.S. Air controllers to help bring in those air strikes to target them more specifically, to make sure they're not hitting innocent civilians and to really get eyes on the ground but really, Dan, there are boots on the ground. There are people already training. There are people in western Iraq. We had U.S. Forces there looking at an air base to see if we could go in and out of there. So this is expanding in many ways. You will not see any sort of invasion. The president says that will not happen. But I think you're going to see a creeping number of ground forces or at least some sort of air controller in the coming months. And tapes like the one we're seeing this morning only galvanize this discussion. Martha Raddatz, thank you very much. Always great to have your expertise. Martha will have much more on this story coming up later this morning on "This week" and that is right here on ABC.

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{"id":26949525,"title":"How US Could React to Latest ISIS Video","duration":"2:04","description":"Will this incident lead to new tactics in the fight against the militant group?","url":"/GMA/video/us-react-latest-isis-video-26949525","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}