US Soldier Allegedly Massacres Afghan Civilians

A rogue sergeant reportedly killed 16 innocent Afghan villagers.
2:38 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for US Soldier Allegedly Massacres Afghan Civilians
Do you Begin with a horrific massacre in Afghanistan. It is she's Martha Raddatz just back from Afghanistan is in Washington now the very latest and Martha. All the -- -- suggest that this is methodical and cold blooded almost like an execution. Really just terrific Georgian this morning a soldier who will be charged with these murders is not talking he demanded lawyers but the Taliban. Is vowing revenge for this one man massacre. The images are heartbreaking. Children shot dead. Men losing entire families in morning. Of the wasn't the Martha let's get killed the child says this mother was this child part of the Taliban and nine children in all this water. The man who officials say did -- and American soldier a father of two himself. A husband he was in the middle of the night when the 38 year old staff sergeant they say. Dawn and night vision goggles. Sneaked off the base. Walking miles to the local village there while family slept he broke -- -- house after house. Gunning down anyone -- side. We just simply don't know what motivated this individual the staff sergeant is based in Fort Lewis Washington. He had been deployed three times to -- -- this was his first to Afghanistan. Just days ago we -- with general John Allen in southern Afghanistan. Who was urging calm after six American service members were gunned down in response to the -- for burning of Koran. It's moments like -- news. When. When you feel as though there is no trust -- confidence -- yet reached down inside you understand that this is a time for professionalism and an assist not the time for. Revenge. Now Allen is promising a rapid and thorough investigation. While Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai is calling it an assassination. That cannot be forgiven. This morning the Pentagon is looking into the soldier's mental health history he is believed to have seen a lot of combat during his years in Iraq. And they are checking closely to see if he had been treated. For post traumatic stress George and Martha there'd been some initial reports that perhaps the shooter hadn't acted alone but now. Officials are quite confident and get right. They are he was the only one missing during that period he walked back to the base said nothing. And they discovered later what he did when villagers started bringing in the wounded. Then soldiers went back into the village to help and that's probably where some of the rumors may have started that there was more than one involved but they're very confident it's just want to OK Martha thanks for much.

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{"id":15900681,"title":"US Soldier Allegedly Massacres Afghan Civilians","duration":"2:38","description":"A rogue sergeant reportedly killed 16 innocent Afghan villagers.","url":"/GMA/video/us-soldier-allegedly-massacres-16-afghan-civilians-killing-15900681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}